In love with this Oscars best actresses winners dresses history infographic!

oscar dresses mediarun digital

Image copyright Mediarun Digital 2014

Every Oscar-winning best actress dress since 1929. Yes. THANK YOU Mediarun Digital for gracing my life with this beautiful infographic.

It is wonderful to look at, especially for someone like me, who works with infographics as a day job and has a penchant for fashion/beauty style on the side.

I find quite amusing that until the mid-80’s, most of the gowns donned were actually from “unknown” designers. The question “who are you wearing tonight?” could’ve been a bit obsolete then – clearly people weren’t asking it enough! – although I know that quite a few of the “unknowns” are actually known – some are more “obscure” designers, some are big names – Liz Taylor’s 1961 gown, for example, is by Christian Dior.

elizabeth taylor in dior  - photo by mark shaw

Elizabeth Taylor stunning in Dior, photo by Mark Shaw

Wearing my data journalist hat now, perhaps factually it’s lacking a tiny bit, but it is a feast to the eyes, so delightfully illustrated and put together – it hits the spot for me! Just amazing.

You can check the original post over at Mediarun Digital – there is a short analysis on how styles changed over time and how the idea came about to create the lovely illustrations!

Let me know what you think:

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