Product review: Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Transformer range

garnier ultimate blends

Oh, the British weather. It plays havoc with our locks. My hair took a battering since moving to London many moons ago. And for ladies like me, Garnier is launching the Ultimate Blends range.

Since going to the launch event, I have been using all products of the Marvellous Transformer line, which aims to restore shine to dry, lifeless hair and contains a shampoo, conditioner, 1-minute treatment mask and hair oil.

They contain argan and camellia oils to deeply nourish and restore much needed life and glow to the tresses.

garnier ultimate blends marvellous transformer shampooThe Marvellous Transformer shampoo is clear in colour and very light on the hair. It doesn’t create a rich lather on the first application, but the second creates a much richer foam. It rinses well and I had a feeling of clean, but not stripped-off-the-oils hair. When my hair was super dirty, I had to shampoo a good three times and massage the oilier roots for them to feel super clean.

garnier ultimate blends marvellous transformer conditioner

The Marvellous Transformer conditioner is creamy white and doesn’t feel heavy on the hair. When removed, hair felt soft.

After using just the shampoo and conditioner for a while, hair has been drying softer and shinier; I noticed a small improvement in condition. They are both parabens free.

garnier ultimate blends glow replenisher mask

I used the glow replenisher mask a few times and found it also quite light. I really like this is a 1-minute treatment, so easy to squeeze into the routine, even at the gym. It does feel like a “fortified” conditioner; it is not super rich and supple, but offers an extra boost when used with the rest of the range.

garnier ultimate blends marvellous glow oil

Finally, the star product, for me – the  Marvellous Glow oil. Admittedly, I love a good hair oil, so I might be a bit biased. This is a multi-purpose oil with UV protection, yes – it protects the hair up to 230°C, which is great! It can also be used beforehand after washing, as well as on dry hair. It makes hair feel soft, glossy, and smells divine.

Talking about the smell, the fragrance is good enough to eat. However, it is not overpowering or sickly, it is just right. And it stays with you for a long time – I just love catching a whiff of it coming from my hair from time to time.

There are six lines in total, and you are sure to find one for you. You can read more about them here.

The products are available in the UK now – they launched this month (March 2014) and are priced between £2.79 to £9.99 – I spotted them at the Boots and Superdrug websites!



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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