SJP new shoe line – yay or nay?

sjp shoes

Oh, the furore this shoe launch has caused. I thought I’d stay quiet and let it go, but it keeps coming back… We all know I love shoes so I have to say something about this. So here we go.

Sarah Jessica Parker, our beloved and forever Carrie (although I am more a Samantha myself) from  Sex and the City has launched a shoe line in partnership with Nordstrom. I was expecting this and my only surprise is that it didn’t happen earlier, given the tight bond between the character and footwear. So far, so good.

sjp shoes

Now, while the shoes are nice enough to wear and I really (seriously, really) like SJP and admire her excitement about the creations, the quality and everything else, I just cannot see the reason for all the fuss.

Yes, the shoes are ok and they do remind of a diluted version of the design on some of the shoes Carrie wore in the series (I mean, she wore so many it would be almost impossible to create a line of shoes that didn’t resemble them!).

Maybe it is just me (and Alka, a super in the know lady for all fashionable issues I worked with, who is one of the first ones I share my opinions on these matters) but with prices ranging from an eye bulging £123.59 (yes, Nordstrom makes it easier and ships to the UK – that price is sans shipping) for a leather flip-flop to £307.39 for lace up booties, I say thank you, but no thank you.

They are nice enough, a “classic” range and I understand their appeal to the everyday woman – *if* they were £50 – £150.  I love classics but dare I say, they are all a bit boring if you think of SATC feathered, jewel encrusted Manolos. And really overpriced.

If you want to take a look (and see the prices for yourself), they are here

Images borrowed from Vogue UK.

8 thoughts on “SJP new shoe line – yay or nay?

  1. I have to agree I love SJP but I can’t imagine paying that price for these shoes. The black patent leather shoes look like the Mary Jane Minolos (spelling) that she found in the Vogue Closet. I’ll have to pass.


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