Nails of the week: Essie’s “On a Silver Platter”

essie on a silver plate - somanylovelythings

I must admit I am a glitter avoider. I love glitter to bits, but on my nails, the pain of removing it really takes away the pleasure of having it on. However, I could not resist to the prettiness of “On a Silver Platter”, part of Essie’s Encrusted Treasures Collection

This glitter heavy duochrome polish has a pearlesccent antique silver and gold base, although the silver quite shy. It also has the most AMAZING round holographic glitter, so we get some violet colour changing goodness on top of the silver and gold. I mean, JAWDROPPING. How could I resist? Especially when I picked it up at Professional Beauty for £5. Yes.

essie on a silver plate - somanylovelythings

Application was great, I put it over a coat of a metallic cobalt blue as I thought it needed a darker base. Two coats of On a Silver Platter were enough to completely cover it. It has a lot of glitter.

It does feel a bit rough to touch and it is not a smooth look; I have to say the bumpiness bothers me a bit, but, this is sooo pretty, I just couldn’t take it off!

It applies well and lasts well, apart from a couple glitter bits that came off the tip of the nail (I should’ve smoothed it before it dried!).

And, oh, did I mention it looks stunning?




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