Simple Kind City Skin campaign

simple city skin Simple, the sensitive skin experts, have come up with a great campaign to raise awareness of skin as part of a whole and how we often neglect the effects of external agents that can affect the way our skin looks. Especially when you live in the city, susceptible to pollution and added stress from a fast-paced life. simple city skin Simple’s City Skin takes a holistic approach to skin – not just cosmetic skin care, but also nutrition, state of mind and fitness. To come up with a well rounded program to tend to poor city skin, Simple gathered their experts to offer advice – together with dermatologist Dr. Susan  Mayou’s expertise. simple city skin Dr. Mayou explained that there are three main culprits mistreating our skins in an urban environment:

  1. Pollution – the means for the production of free radicals, which, short term, cause skin inflammations and longer term, loss of collagen – as if we needed to accelerate that even more!!!
  2. Stress = cortisol production = lower immunity = more susceptible to infections and breakouts, plus shingles, cold sores, acne and psoriasis. Enough said.
  3. Weather – focusing, of course on  SPF, but not only on using it, but on correct application – for the face, you should apply a whole teaspoon in order to get the factor described on the bottle.  Wind is something we don’t really think much about, but it can break our skin barrier and cause dryness and breakouts – yikes!

For that, we should always, ALWAYS, cleanse our faces twice daily and use a good protective moisturiser and SPF. Simple have a fantastic range to suit all skin types, and especially sensitive ones. simple city skin The Simple Advisory board was also at hand to help us loo after all areas that can affect how our skin looks. The lovely Caroline Frazer, Simple’s Skincare expert, was recommending the right products for each skin. Fiona Hunter, nutritionist, devised an amazing skin loving breakfast menu and green juice and was at hand to offer nutritional advice to particular personal issues. Looking after our bodies, was the super fit Anna Reich giving invaluable tips on how to squeeze exercise in our busy routines (and also face yoga!). simple city skin Finally, looking after our minds, was psychologist Dr.Christine Bundy, who was offering some advice on relaxing techniques.

Simple is also launching a fantastic #KindtoCitySkin campaign very soon –  and they will have an amazing (I hear) City Skin Oasis  at Waterloo Station in London, on the 17-18 June, offering all sorts of advice and little treats to really create a relaxation moment amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can even take a ride on the Simple Relaxation rickshaws – and if you spot one and tweet the picture, using the #KindtoCitySkin hashtag, you are in with a chance to win lots of Simple goodies. simple city skin So stop for a minute and start thinking of yourself as a whole. And take the time to let your real beauty shine through, from within! Dani

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