Dove Invisible Dry invites us to be colour confident


dove invisible dry deodorant

Dove is saying something I notice a lot – I am usually one of the few women strolling in the streets abusing (yes, abusing) colour. Little do we know that wearing colours like red, hot pink or purple can boost our confidence a bit (mine, certainly!).

With half of the women wearing just two colours a day* and a third sticking to black, grey or a dark colour every single day* (!!!), and almost the same amount saying they use dark colours to hide* (eeek!), no wonder someone was bound to give that little push to encourage women to wear more colour, especially now in the summer.

No one better than Dove Invisible Dry, proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours. The tech around it is fascinating – I spoke to someone responsible for their R&D an basically, what it has are smaller particles of the all important antiperspirant element, which is that unsavoury white powder – this way, it doesn’t show as much. Clever, eh? Of course, there is much more, but this really stuck to me, as it makes sense!

For this campaign, Dove partnered up with designer Olivia Rubin, known for her bold-coloured designs. And ladies uploading pictures wearing colours to are in for a chance to win a capsule collection designed exclusively for Dove.

The designer has some tips for embracing colour: it’s not just about the brights – play with pastels; choose a statement piece to inject a colour pop to a neutral ensemble; don’t be afraid of wearing more colours together! That sounds great advice to me!

Now, if an exclusive clothes collection is not an incentive to be wearing all colours of the rainbow, I don’t know what would be! Plus the fact that with Dove Invisible Dry, you don’t have to worry about the stains.

I tried the deodorant; the fragrance is lovely. It feels gentle on the armpits and it behaved really well with all the colours I wore (including black!)

For me, for example, that red lipstick seems like is part of me – it is like a part of myself that is showing itself to the world, proudly. In recent years, I became more colour adventurous – playing more with different and contrasting shades, and I just love it! For the winter, I try always to invest in a bold colour coat; last one was bright red.

Dove Invisible Dry also offer 48h odour protection, I felt safe, odour free all day, even in these warmer days. It has a subtle designer fragrance, but without losing that “hydrating” Dove smell, if you know what I mean.

Dove Invisible Dry is available from all major retailers and supermarkets, in a range that includes aerosol, compressed aerosol (that smaller, more environment-friendly packaging!), roll-on and stick and is priced between £2.19 and £3.99.

What about you? Do you embrace colour on a daily basis?


*According to the Dove Colour Poll, commissioned by Dove and conducted by OnePoll with 2,000 British women in may 2014.




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