Review: NYX The Curve eyeliner

nyx the curve eyeliner

I was really intrigued when I first encountered this eyeliner. Certainly, the NYX The Curve makes sense, but does it really make life easier when applying eyeliner? Well, I put it to the test!

The Curve has an ergonomic shape, meaning the shape of the eyeliner makes you hold it the best way to apply eyeliner precisely and effortless.

The eyeliner is a compact pistol shape (!!!) and indeed, the gripping area just looks right. The nib is long, lean and quite flexible, feeling nice on the skin.

It delivers the perfect amount of eyeliner, in lovely glossy black. The formula is smooth, dries quickly and it is easy enough to create thin or thicker lines.

nyx the curve eyeliner

I must say I found it a bit odd the first couple times, but indeed, after that, I feel it is easier to apply. In fact, when I am really short for time, this is the one I use to make the quickest eyeliner application.

Only problem is durability, I have to say it is not amazing. It is not awful and there is absolutely no transfer after application, but after a whole day at work, it had some fading – sometimes patches in the middle of the eye and sometimes near the inner corner, rarely in the  flick. In every case, I must point out that the patches were not blatantly visible.

Overall, I like it and been using it an awful lot –there is always a place for it within my vast range of eyeliners.

It is easy to use and if you are wearing for a long period of time (6h+) it may require a re-touch, but it is a good product, compact to carry around and you can get it for £14 on the NYX website.



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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