Review: Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

Vera Mona Colour Switch Duo

Eyeshadow lovers all over will agree that it is indeed a pain when you are using multiple colours on your lids and need to either clean the brush or use another one.

Vera Mona Color Switch is a handy little tin that helps us with that. The Duo version, apart from cleaning the brush for the next colour, also has a “wet spot” in the middle, for wet eyeshadow application.

It is really dead easy to use: just wipe the brush on the darker sponge and voilá, the brush is free from eyeshadow, dry and ready to re-use. I was quite impressed by how easily it gets rid of it, there is not need to apply too much pressure.

Vera Mona Colour Switch Duo

The wet sponge in the middle is great to wet powder shadows to use as eyeliners.

Overall a very handy product!

You can buy Vera Mona Color Switch Duo at the BeautyStore4U for £20.99 in the UK with free delivery. You can also get the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo for £18.95 and refills from £4.95.

BeautyStore4U also has a fantastic range of beauty products at competitive price, with checking out!



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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