Nails of the week: Green, yellow and blue heart tips (World Cup III)

green, yellow and blue nails - somanylovelythings

The World Cup may be but I still have a little back log of WC nails going round! This is the third of four designs, so one more to go!

This is a design I did a few times before and love. It ended up being less out there than the others and many people complimented it as a “lovely summery” manicure!

I used, for the base a light green ColorClub, light blue Oxford from Nails Inc and the light yellow Lemon Meringue from L’Oréal Paris.

For the tip “hearts” I used Kiko’s 343 green and 385 blue plus H&M’s Rising Sun yellow.

I then added the beautiful holographic glitter topcoat Prisma Gloss Silver from Orly. I really love it, as it gives the nails an amazing effect, doesn’t interfere with the design and doesn’t feel too glittery! Fantastic – it replaced my old time favourite Electric Lane from Nails Inc.

I am not very sure about this one… I liked it, but it wasn’t love…






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