Christian Louboutin nail polish: yay or nay?

image: vogue uk

image: vogue uk

Louboutin AND nail polish? Certainly the mention of these two should be enough to make me weep with excitement, right?

Sadly, not quite. I mean, I don’t think I need to proclaim my love all all things re-soled (my soul is red, by the way, see what I did there?) and well, nail polish is, NAIL POLISH. Double love.

It is also lovely that the first item on the CL beauty line, announced a couple of years ago is a Loubi sole red varnish – given the colour on the soles was indeed inspired by nail polish – taken spontaneously from his assistant and painted on.

However, the price is what kills me: £36 for a (beautifully crafted with a spearing 20cm “heel” lid inspired on the ballerina shoes created in collab with David Lynch *drool*) bottle. Yes, my friends, £36.

I might bite my tongue, but although I have plenty of frivolous moments (way more than I can afford), I don’t think I can bring myself to pay £36 on a bottle of nail varnish, even if it is Loubi red. Or can I?

The bottle is beautiful and I could be compelled to get it just for the collect-ability of it but I also think about that HUGE lid, hopefully we can detach and be left with a smaller, more application friendly one!

September will see the launch of 30 shades – nudes, noirs, pops, base and top coats. But we all know Louboutin Rouge is what we want… How pretty is that?

So, do you think it is worth it?


7 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin nail polish: yay or nay?

    • Can understand – thing is, I don’t really need to see it on a nail – it is a plain red, just like the soles, the colour I have a few quite similar (if not the same!) at home – which I love, don’t get me wrong… but that is also part of the problem. Sure it is a lovely red, chip resistant, ultra glossy and what not, but for £36…
      Having said all that, I won’t say a total nay, but it is not quite a yay yet…
      Thanks for your visit and comment!
      Dani x


  1. I soooo badly want to say it’s ridiculous for the price but considering it’s sooooo beautiful I’m wavering.
    I actually like how long the lid is; would look great on a dressing table!
    Though overall I know I won’t be purchasing this! You?


    • I know, same dilemma here… beautiful bottle – the lid is 20cm, apparently, the same height as the ballerina heels! Nice touch! Think it would look lovely on a dressing table!
      I am leaning towards no, purely on the price… but still not a definite no, hehe
      Thanks for popping by!
      Dani x


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