I’m a Barbie girl…

image: V&A

image: V&A

Every little girl (at least when I was one) wanted to be Barbie. Fast forward a while and, unrealistic body measurements aside, the iconic doll still holds her fascination over girls and women alike.

But would you wear Barbie wardrobe-inspired outfits?

That is what American brands Lord & Taylor, Forever 21 and Wildfox are counting on as they partner up with Mattel to create Barbie collections inspired on the doll’s wardrobe in the Fifties, Eighties and Nineties.

They will be available from the 06 September and personally, I would love to take a peek at the 50’s collection, as one thing we cannot deny – most of Barbie’s clothes do have that timeless, chic elegance.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Barbie girl…

  1. Oh my this is sooo exciting!!! I can’t wait to see what outfits they decide to recreate!! Also really looking forward to it as luckily we have access to forever21!
    Can’t wait!!
    LFA Xx


    • I know, Angelica, I do hope they are proper outfits and not just a load of sweatshirts with Barbie written in pink, hehe! It would be lovely to have pretty a-line skirts and full circle dresses for the 50s… bit scared of the 80s outfits, though, hahahahaha 😀
      Thanks for your comment and visit!
      Dani x


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