Long haul flight beauty routine

my travel beauty bag

As some of you might know, I am from Brazil. That means that at least once a year I face a long haul flight to see my family. Add that a passion for travelling and you will probably see me for seven hours or more on board a plane at least twice a year.

I’ve been in London for 11 years and I have developed a routine that not only will make my skin behave a little bit better when I land, but also set the mood to sleep. I usually sleep 6-8 hours on a flight of about 11 in economy (yikes, life would be much easier if I just flew executive!), which is great going.  It seems a bit OCD and quite intense, but trust me, I believe the routine is the key for a tranquil flight.

I carry a little bag (loving this pretty Orla Kiely washbag) with my travel size essentials: face wash, toner (Clinique), moisturiser (at the moment, loving the Balance Me Radiant Face Oil), eye cream (Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream), lip balm (always Nivea lip butter), hand cream, wet wipes and deodorant (Dove).

I also have cotton wool and buds, hair tie, eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush and paste, a mini hair brush, flight and normal socks, aspirin, ibuprofen, neck pillow and a bottle of water.

I put on my flight socks and take some aspiring (which aids preventing deep vein thrombosis) a little bit before flying. Upon arriving on the plane, I take all the essential items out and place on the pocket in front of me. We take off, I watch a movie or read, until the first meal is served.

my travel beauty bag

After eating, I go to the toilet, wash, tone and moisturise my face and brush my teeth. I use the wet wipes to clean my body, apply some deodorant, brush my hair and tie up in a low pony tail. I have a stretch, go back to my seat, fill up my bottle of water.

Sometimes I will watch another movie, until of a bit after they turn the lights off. Then I put my eye mask and headphones on tuning in to the classical music station (I really enjoy classical music). Then I fall asleep.

I do usually wake up a couple of times, move/stretch my legs a bit, rotate my ankles, extend my feet, have a few sips of water and go back to sleep.  Might have another aspirin and re-apply lip balm and or/moisturiser.

When they turn on the lights I wake up, and have breakfast. After that I go to the toilet and repeat the routine! By then, it is usually only a couple of hours until I land!

Drinking  lot of water and moisturising my face helps my skin to look in a better condition when I land. Not only does this help me to enjoy the day ahead feeling more rested, but also helps me feel less jet-lagged.

What about you? Any travelling rituals that  help you relax and have a tranquil trip?


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