Poundland to launch exciting Make Up Gallery range

makeup gallery - poundland

I don’t even think I should open this post by proclaiming my love of makeup but here it goes – I love it. And I know lots and lots of people are in the same position as me and I am glad that Poundland is giving us a helping hand with the launch of the Make Up Gallery.

makeup gallery - poundland

Poundland you ask? Yes. Does it mean EVERY item is £1? YES, that is exactly what it means. I know it is quite unbelievable. I was lucky to get invited to Make Up Gallery launch in London, and have to admit my first impressions were very good.

What to expect? The line counts with 100 items between foundation, concealer, powders, bronzers, blushers, eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners, brow pencils, lipsticks, lipglosses, lip lacquers, lip pencils, nail polishes in a plethora of colours and nail treatment products.

The hail as hero products their Pro Liquid Eyeliner, Plump Up the volume and Never Ending mascaras and Gorgeous Flawless foundation.

I was given the chance to play with many items during the event and am really impressed by the liquid eyeliner – it dried quickly and didn’t budge on rubbing.

The lipsticks are creamy with a decent pigmentation and durability, the lip glosses are not sticky and the lip lacquers have good pigmentation. The nail polish dried quite quickly – but I am yet to test the durability.

The packaging, especially for the powders and eye shadows is quite nice – simple – but very far from cheap looking; I doubt anyone would say these items cost only £1 – honestly, I cannot believe as I write!

Make Up Gallery is launching at the end of October (VERY SOON, squee!) in Poundland shops nationwide. The products are developed in the UK and made in China.

Personally, I think they will hit the spot with younger people entering and discovering the world of makeup – with very little, you can create yourself a pretty reliable makeup bag kit.

I think it will also encourage people to be colour brave, daring without the guilt of wasting a huge amount of money if you don’t like the colour or don’t get to use very often.

I will soon be posting reviews and also creating a “starter” kit to suit a different budgets – but until then, keenly await and be sure keep your eyes peeled around Poundland at the end of the month.

Start making your shopping list and be sure to see some ladies elbowing each other at the aisles.


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