Chanel Nº5: The One That I Want – The Film

image: Chanel

image: Chanel

Chanel Nº5 films are usually highly anticipated not only because they tend to count with a stellar cast, superb direction and photography and tell stories we wouldn’t mind being part of, but they hold that fascination over people by transporting us to this perfect, elegant, magical world of Chanel, that frankly, most of us cannot live in.

Just released and directed by Baz Luhrmann, Chanel Nº5: The One I Want – The Film, has Grease’s song – you guessed – You’re The One That I Want sang in a very romantic way while a uber glam Gisele Bündchen surfs, mothers, models, drives vintage car and generally looks flawless while a sizzling hot Michiel Huisman (crush developed) longs for her presence – see what I mean about perfect world?

Although I really like the film, – it is great, I’ll put it out there now – for all the reasons above and some more, personally, it doesn’t even get close to the magical (really, really magical) one , Le Film, also directed by Luhrmann almost 10 years ago and starring Nicole Kidman, as well as Brazilian hunk Rodrigo Santoro (I am with Huisman on that still).

While Nicole, in my view, is not as stunning as Gisele, her acting, her poise, her presence: everything about her is just mesmerising. The whole set, the story and the sheer magic in it are just stronger than in the current one. And maybe I love it a bit more because it hasn’t got a traditional happy ending.

And here it is for you to feast your eyes and draw your own conclusions.

Which one do you prefer?


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