Sex up you nails with 50 shades of …(OPI) grey

opi_50shadesYes! OPI is indeed launching a 50 Shades of Grey line ahead of the movie launch on Valentine’s Day 2015.

Now, obviously, there are not 50 shades of grey in the collection, but a neat 5 with one crimson red completing the collection.


Romantically Involved, Dark Side of the Mood and My Silk Tie.

The shades are all appropriately named, of course, as expected from OPI: My Silk Tie (pearly silver); Romantically Involved (“red room of pain” inspired); Dark Side of the Mood (dark slate); Shine for Me (silver-blue, shimmery); Cement the Deal (light stone); Embrace the Gray (taupe grey).


Embrace the Gray; Shine for Me and Cement the Deal

Apart from super clever – women all over will want to get their claws on a little bit of Grey (or get a bit of Grey on their claws? You decide); greys have become a nail polish staple, especially for winter.

The fact it blends into taupe and blue hues increases the appeal. And a red? Well, who cannot accommodate another red in their polish collection?

My favourite has to be Embrace the Grey, a love the taupe-ness of it; looks like a beautiful shade, followed closely by Cement the Deal.

If you asked me, they missed a trick by not adding a fantastic holographic silver to this line, but that is just my inner magpie talking…

Needless to say, the quality of OPI polishes makes it worth it anytime, in any colour, really!

In the US, you can get your paws on it from the 26th December. In the UK, the collection is available on the 01 January; each bottle is £11.45 and the whole set of minis costs just under £15.

Will you be snapping any of the grey goodness in this collection to adorn you talons?


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