Review: delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer

delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer

I think I raved enough about how my life changed after I discovered primers. For me it makes such a difference that I cannot think of applying foundation without it.

The beautiful brand delilah has introduced me to theirs: the delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer.

To start with, the packaging is lovely – and a bit different –  a tube with rose gold lid, and I wasn’t expecting the (also rose gold) pump underneath. The pump delivers a good amount and for day-to-day wear, two pumps are enough to cover my face.

delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer

This product has a firm serum consistency and its pleasant scent is very discreet.

It applies well, leaving a velvety feel on the skin; I found it is quite hydrating too. It does helps foundation spread better and more evenly, creating a better finish.

Durability wise, it is in-line with the my usual primers; it takes me through a whole day at work, then some.

delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer

What is very interesting about this product is that, apart from being a primer, it also has age defense: its formulation contains peptides to give us a helping hand against fine lines.

delilah is a beauty and cosmetics brand created having natural, all-ages beauty in mind. It is high-end luxury, as can be seen not only in the product quality but also in the packaging. This primer is part of a quintessentially British capsule collection, taking inspiration from metals like Brittania Metal (pewter coloured) and crown gold (rose) and carrying as a symbol an English rose – the beautifully pale Delilah rose.

The delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer costs £34 for 48ml (quite a generous size for a primer, so very good value, if you think at price per ml) and can be purchased on their website and from luxury spas around the country.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


7 thoughts on “Review: delilah Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer

    • Yes, I started the year with terrible skin, lots of hormonal cysts on chin and hairline. Towards the second quarter, was having some acne on cheeks too. Awful. From middle of the year, it started to calm down and at the moment, dare I say, it is pretty decent!
      How’s your skin behaving?


      • It’s pretty good but I still get pimples although they are not cysts. I did start getting cystic acne on my chin in May, but I’ve been using Benzoyl Peroxide since August and after August it had been three to four months of me not getting any cysts or painful acne. Then I got one on my chin about a few weeks ago and it went away. The worst thing about cysts is that some of them are so painful!!

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