Beginner’s budget makeup bag with Make Up Gallery

makeup gallery - poundland

Make Up Gallery launched at Poundland not that long ago. Having tried a good range of products, I can say they brought out a good line for the exceptional value of £1 each.

I think the range is perfect for younger girls putting together their first makeup bag.

However, it is also great if your budget is tight and/or you are starting to get familiar with makeup, as well as if you feel like trying a different colour and don’t want to invest too much on something you might just use a few times.

Or maybe you are just fed up with paying too much for makeup and want something more affordable, but that still works.

Let’s set a £10 budget to create a functional kit for all occasions.

makeup gallery - poundland


Choose the right foundation colour by testing on your jawline. Ideally, go out in daylight and see how it matches your neck. With that out of the way, get your foundation. The Gorgeous Flawless Foundation coverage is quite light and comes is eight colours.

Pick a powder to match, there are four shades of the Pressed Powder and get yourself a concealer (the Hide & Chic Concealer comes on four shades too).

Finally, a blusher! Peach toned ones, go with most skin tones, I am a big fan of the Feeling Blush Blusher in Spice.

makeup gallery - poundland


Eyeliner, of course, the Pro Liquid Liner in Black is a must. Add a mascara (they have two options – Plump Up the Volume and Lengthening) and neutral eye shadows, I am betting on a light colour to highlight brow bones and corners of eyes; if you like matte, Nude, for shimmer, White Frost.

Pick a base colour for the lid, like Gold Dust, Bronze, Cappuccino (matte) or Mocha. Finally, choose a shading colour to add to the crease – I am all in on Brown.

makeup gallery - poundland


A lipstick or lipgloss – preferences are key here.

If lipstick, I’d go for either a nude (Perfectly Nude or even a peachier with Peach or colder with Beige), or pink (Rose Pink or Pink), which are colours that you are going to use a lot. You could even opt for a red (Radical Red is my fave).

Lipglosses, I’d go for Nice&Bold Nice n Nude or Cherry Pop or Dare to Bare Pink Lemonade.

If you want to add a nail colour, I’d swap the concealer for one – probably nude (Latte, Simply Nude or Dust) or red (Pillar Box Red or Ruby Red).

makeup gallery - poundland

Now if you have a bit more, £15 to invest, lucky you! You can add:

  • A bronzer – pick from four shades of the Good to Glow Bronzer.
  • If you went for nail polish first, take the concealer – or vice-versa. You can also add a nail care product, such as base or top coat. Or a sparkly one!
  • Another lip colour – bright, if you went for nude or vice-versa.
  • A black eyeshadow – for that perfect dark smokey eye, Carbonblack is perfect! it can also double up as an eyeliner.
  • A pencil – a Khol Me Beautiful Eye Pencil or a Pout it Out Lip Liner.

That will create a versatile makeup bag, for day and night. As further additions, I’d definitely add with more colour (and sparkles, maybe?), for nails, lips and eyes! Try something different?

What do you think? have you tried any Make Up Gallery products? What did you think?

You can check the full line at the Poundland website and find the products in selected stores around the country,


2 thoughts on “Beginner’s budget makeup bag with Make Up Gallery

  1. Hi Dani,,, !!!! oh, w0w…..(this)- post is……just for me…..or it sure feels like it is just screaming out to (ME) lol being that I am still so *NEW to all girly-things & if u think ? about it…when u wrote for younger girls….well, ? that goes for me as well, because I am starting all this as a….older person and u can say: I’m sort of a late bloomer & in growing up….being that I was born as a guy…I learned only things that boys do….lol &….now I too…..feel as tho, how a young girl must feel with makeup & picking out clothing & anything else girly,,, what a *Awesome post !!!!!! p.s. as u maybe will guess in some of my researches 1, thing I am starting to learn in some of the makeup that us Cross dressers will wear is a little different 1-thing is our eye brows are shaped different & because us guys have some-what ? rough type of faces we NEED to use I think? its called a concealer for C-dressers but other then those items,,,, we can use all of what u girls use…..I have & still am learning…..its all still new to me……but between your blog & some other blogs that I read its HELPING !!!!!!! Thank U & thanx for being *Kind to me Kelly 🙂 p.s.s. sorry 😦 for the LONG Comment: u can say: I’m just HAPPY again,,,, very good post

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sooooo happy you like it and it is useful for you – as I said, anyone getting familiar with makeup can benefit from it. The principles/combinations can be applied to any brand, for a versatile makeup bag.
      Oh, yes, I am familiar with that concealer 😀
      I bet you are loving discovering all the girly stuff! And I am genuinely happy that you can pick up some info here to help you on that path.
      And please, you can leave comments as long as you wish, I am always happy to see them here 🙂
      Dani x

      Liked by 1 person

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