Nails of the week – multicolour spring hues from GOSH

GOSH SS15 nail colour - somanylovelythings

There aren’t many better ways to forget the grey skies and cutting wind than giving your nails a touch of colour.

With these brand new nail shades from GOSH, I can carry a tiny bit of spring in my talons – and it also reminds me there is hope and better weather is coming our way!

GOSH SS15 nail colour - somanylovelythings

On the 11 February (only two days ago), GOSH launched seven new gorgeous shades: pure white Snow White (634), pinky Pretty Ballerina (635), gorgeous coral Sunkissed (636),  minty green Apple Bloom (637), amazing deep blue Sea Foam (637), lovely lilac French Dream (638) and a great violet, Moroccan Night (640).

I actually have five of the seven new shades on my nails and I love it. The colours are creamy and saturated, they become more vivid and interesting on the nail, as if they come alive!

GOSH SS15 nail colour - somanylovelythings

From thumb to pinky, two coats of each: Apple Blossom, Sea Foam, Snow White, Sunkissed and Moroccan Nights.

Sea Foam is my favourite. A fabulous blue, I’d describe is as light prussian. I mean, it is different from anything I have. Although it’s a dark-ish blue shade, it is quite neutral and perfect for the spring/summer denim trend – go get it NOW.

Following closely is Snow White. A) Because I am was a teenager in the 90s and white nails ARE cool; B) Because I use white a lot as  base for some manicures and C) beacuse this white is great with blue undertones, which makes is very flattering and not Tippex-y.

GOSH SS15 nail colour - somanylovelythings

Apple Blossom is a fab colour to nail the spring pastels (as are Pink Ballerina and French Dream) on its pale green glory.

Sunkissed is a glorious, almost neon (but not) coral. It pops, it screams walks and picnics in the park.

Finally, Moroccan Night. A gorgeous violet. I love violets and find them super flattering on my nails, so totally sold.

GOSH SS15 nail colour - somanylovelythings

And they all have the new wider brush, that really makes application a breeze!

The seven amazing GOSH nail shades are available from Superdrug shops and online and cost only £3.99 each.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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