Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: That 70’s show

70s trends - somanylovelythings

This summer, the 70s trend is all over the place – I am actually get to the point I am getting a bit bored of it. Still, it is a pretty trend and very wearable, with elements that are easy to incorporate in our wardrobes.

For this Little Book of Fashion, I created this modern all-in 70s look, with flares, a gypsy top, platforms, fringes and a floppy hat.

70s trends - somanylovelythings

Flared trousers are a thing I use with extreme caution, for being short and wide hipped. Heels are a must as you want to give them room to flow. Also, the length is very important: they must skim the floor, so just at the line where your heel meets the floor.

This one is a bargain from Very and I think I could do with a size smaller, but they I was in doubt then they didn’t have in stock. I think they run slightly on the larger side of cuts, as the 10 was a bit big for me. I paid £17 and I think they are around £20.

Would look great with a white shirt, or some crochet top too.

70s trends - somanylovelythings

I love and off-the-shoulder top because  A. I have a tattoo and I like showing it, b. I feel the bit of fabric on my shoulder “cuts” and disguises my wide arms. This one is from H&M, from their Coachella line and cost only £7.99.

Great for festivals, will do you justice with the beach with some cropped denim shorts.

70s trends - somanylovelythingsNow, let’s talk hats. I had a thing for floppy brimmed hats for a very long time. However, all the ones I tried seemed to be super wide brimmed – a bit too much for me, to the point I though I was wearing a sombrero. Ok. Maybe not that wide, but you get the idea. Three years after first wanting one, I meet this at H&M, only £12.99. It has a smaller brim and I feel very comfortable with it.

It is amazing for bad hair and rainy days. Trust me.

The shoes were bought at New Look, also a bargain, believe around £20. It is super high with a huge platform and chunky heel. The front is also quite wide, which I like, with a retro nod, but modern.

I’ve been wearing these sandals A LOT, with trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses… name it. it is also versatile in terms of style, and not only for retro.

Finally, the fringed sac bag from New Look, at only £17.99. Very simple, quite roomy and a very easy way to incorporate fringes on to you wardrobe.

70s trends - somanylovelythings

I added a pendant, a few rings and RayBan Clubmaster sunglasses. Makeup was simple in gold/brown tones with orange lips using MAC Morange.

70s has come with lots of interpretations and the hippie girl is only one of them. You can pick from being more bohemian with long floaty floral dresses, cool with metallics and minis and much more as that decade gave us so many in terms of fashion.

How are you taking the 70s trend into your wardrobe? Or are you shunning it completely? Do let me know.

DaniFashion styling: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: Stratford (back of our flat!)


4 thoughts on “Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: That 70’s show

  1. Hi !!!! you have been looking S0000 *Pretty in your post that you been doing. I have been wanting to write to you on a few that you wrote…I also have been a little busy plus with my moms health…& now hearing more…. sad news of just how bad my moms condition has become….its,,, Bad…long-story short my family & I have a belief/Faith & so….even tho…. the Bad-part,,,, the bad part is of course we will miss our mom…..but because of moms faith & ours we also know….that she is going home soon very-soon & its GOD/JESUS that I am talking about…Dani….even tho you & I really don’t know one another well,,,, I will be ok,,, its tough & it has been tough but…..some-how ? things seem to work them selves out…& so…what I stand-on,, by my faith I will see my mom again but…..in heaven & its for eternity I said to my 1 sister,,, don’t worry,,,, just think? mommy is just going Home first before us,,, & she will greet us & show us around in Heaven!!! Keep doing what U enjoy Dani…waiting to see & read your next post stay well,,, K


    • Hey Kelly! Nice to hear from you and thank you so much for the compliments and I am really glad you are enjoying the posts!
      I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I do hope you and your family keep finding the strength to cope with whatever is thrown your way, whenever it may come. We might not be ready for certain things, but we are certainly strong enough to see it through the pain and sadness and find comfort.
      And you too – keep doing what you enjoy, even though life keeps sending all sorts your way, you are strong to keep going.
      Take care of yourself and thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂
      Dani x


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