Emma-Kate Francis Calla Lily Pendant from JewelStreet

emma-kate francis calla lily necklace - somanylovelythingsI’m a huge fan of pearls; always been – when I was a little girl, I had the prettiest pearl earrings and ring.

Fast forward many years, they are still part of my wardrobe, and the latest addition, Emma-Kate Francis Calla Lily necklace, from JewelStreet, is definitely the star of the lot.


ema_kate francis calla lily necklace - somanylovellythings

A super delicate feminine dealing, the Calla Lily pendant is a beautiful freshwater button pearl enclosed in a petite sterling silver cone. Lines are clean and it looks very polished from every angle.

emma-kate francis calla lily necklace - somanylovelythings

This handcrafted piece is inspired by art nouveau and the artistry is rather impressive, the piece is elegant, superbly finished and of superior quality. The round-link chain is equally dainty and you can choose four different lengths.

I am in love – I often throw pearls into an outfit to bring that vintage feel in, but this piece, which will last for life, has a modern yet romantic feel to it.

Although very petite, it grabbed people’s attention and brought in compliments. The clasp is very tight fitting so it makes it a bit fiddly for someone like me (fat fingers!) to secure, but it means that the necklace is placed safely, which is a very fair trade off – I’d rather have peace of mind than ease of putting it on, to be honest. I also like the Emma-Kate tag on it.

emma-kate francis calla lily necklace - somanylovelythings

Might sound silly, but upon receiving it, I could feel it was put together with love – it comes in a lovely box with bow and with a little pouch to keep it safe and a personal note from Emma-Kate. ❤

Emma-Kate is an award winning British jewellery designer who has a boutique atelier just outside Cardiff, Wales. She has collaborated with the likes of the V&A and Jersey Pearl, as well as being nominated and scooping various industry awards. You can find her pieces on the dedicated Emma-Kate Francis page on Jewel Street.

Due to the timelessness of her jewellery, they are particularly sought after in the bridal industry, but trust me, they are versatile pieces for every woman, for every occasion. They are beautiful and great value for money.

JewelStreet is a market place for jewellery, so you get your items directly from the jewellers themselves, which means the designer get the majority of the value of the piece they are selling.

There, you can find more than 250 designers and a range from trendy to timeless pieces, for all pockets, all in one place. It also offers you peace of mind as they operate a vetting system for vendors and 30-day money back guarantee – but trust me, you won’t want to return anything.

The Calla Lily necklace, as seen here, with 41 cm chain, costs £85 from JewelStreet. Apart from the top grade classic white pearl, it’s is also available in equally stunning pink, silver and peacock.

The Calla Lily is one of the gorgeous range of this talented jewellery designer, with rings, earrings and bangles – all very pretty.



This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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