Friday Fixation: self-portrait dresses

Yes, I am starting another series type post on the blog. I thought “Friday Fixation” was quite apt as I, more often than not, obsess with things. I fall in and out of love with stuff on a daily basis, so I decided to share them with you.

Today’s fixation is *drumroll*….

self-portrait dresses 

In all seriousness, how gorgeous are they? There are at least half a dozen I would wear. Easily.

Here are the ones I’ve been drooling over:



Can’t even start to describe. Too pretty. The muted colours, the flesh coloured mesh, the subtle asymmetry of the lace, the “I’m against the design” clashing waist band, the faux nude back.

One Shoulder Wrap dress


Sexy and girly at the same time. Love it. I am a big fan of cut-outs and A-line skirts. Hello?! I know. Perfect. Plus, the top looks like a bow is wrapping you, so what better way to feel like a gift to humanity? I adore the peek-a-boo details – double layered skirt, a bit of torso. Does carry that “mermaid caught in the net” kind of vibe.

More importantly, these are red-carpet ready dresses slightly over high street prices. Honestly, around £200 for dresses like that? Great value for money.

selfportrait dresses

The brand has been in the press recently, as Reese Whiterspoon, Julianne Hough and Maise Williams have donned them but it wasn’t until I saw then in Selfridges that I appreciated how lovely – and well priced – they are.

Selfies? No thanks. Gimme some Self-Portrait, any time.

Pre-Fall 15 is ready to pre-order on their site… *itch*


2 thoughts on “Friday Fixation: self-portrait dresses

  1. I’m so with you on this! I saw someone wearing one (the one Maisie Williams is wearing, but in white) at a Taylor Swift concert recently and wrestled my way through the crowd just to ask her where she’d got it from! :-p x

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