Spa Technologies UK Flower Peel review

spa technologies uk flower peel

When I received the Spa Technologies UK Flower Peel I was very intrigued. A flower peel?

Basically, this flower peel is pyruvic acid. It is an anti-inflammatory, a concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea with added salycilic acid to help with problematic skin. And it is all in a soothing seaweed gel base.

spa technologies uk flower peel

It has the consistency of a serum, really, it is almost water-like but a bit jellied. Applies really well on skin, being absorbed super fast. It seem to behave well under makeup, although recommended use is at night.

The effects are a gentle (I mean very gentle) exfoliation, which is really welcome for acneic skins which cannot take any more aggression, irritation and dryness, like mine. It also has some pore decongestant properties, which are great for acne, but also for rosacea sufferers.

spa technologies uk flower peelSkin feels really good after application; it’s really gentle.

My skin seems to be behaving lately (minus a couple hormonal breakouts) and I think adding this to my routine has helped.

A through I think it is definitely  not down to this product alone, the tone, texture and even vitality has improved quite a lot in the last months.

Spa Technologies UK is a new high end skincare company, which delivers natural ingredients blends on their products, which are blended into a 70% food-grade seaweed base. I really like they are have no mineral oils, parabens, formalin, sulfates, sulfides, artificial fragrances or colourings, animal productsand absolutely no animal testing. Only Eco-Cert preservatives used and 50% of the line contain no preservatives at all! Thumbs up!

The flower peel costs £25 but is currently on a specia promo for £19! You can get it from the Spa Technologies website.

You can also check out another peeling product I use in my routine.

This post contains PR samples, but opinions are my own.

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