Getting my beauty sleep

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsBeauty is so much more than what I put on my face. In fact, that is the smaller chunk of it – what I eat and my lifestyle choices are the solid foundation.

Sleep is very important, of course, not just to beauty. It’s the time our body rests, heals, renews itself and resets.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

I am very lucky I don’t have trouble sleeping, but a bad night has visible effects on my days, and contrary to popular believe, you cannot catch up on it.

Apart from my face cleansing, toning and moisturising routine (skin renews itself at night, so very important to clean and nourish it), there are some other things that help me nod off.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

Being comfortable is one of them. Crisp linen, fluffy pillows and nice pyjamas.

Jockey Clothing, an American brand, came to my attention a few months back and as I love a sleep, I thought I’d give it a go.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsI have the babydoll lounge chemise and the shorts with the prettiest delicate blue, black and coral butterfly print in white background and coral trimmings.

They are 100% cotton and the quality is very high, so soft you wouldn’t believe! They have beautiful ruffles but they are made in a way to be very pleasant on the skin, so it looks lovely without compromising on comfort.

The details add to the items – little bows, discreet branding. But most importantly they are a joy to wear.

I was in fact meant to publish this piece a little while ago, but I started wearing them as soon as they arrived and had been washed now a few times (and came out perfect), delayed it a bit. They even went on holidays with me!

I find that have a herbal tea before bed helps me, as well as settling my stomach which is easily upset. I always have water by the bed, and take vitamins every night – D and also Hairfinity. I also brush my hair and put some replenishing oils on the tips.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

I moisturise my hands and feet. If I am fake tanning, I do that before bed too.

Electronics before bed are also quite disruptive and that is a habit I haven’t kicked yet. Damn you phone!

I can only fall asleep in total darkness, so I always wear an eye mask. Noise bothers me a bit, so sometimes, ear plugs can be handy.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsNot long ago I also discovered This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, which has a calming and comforting scent proven to help you sleep. I really enjoy using that and it smells lovely on the linen too!

Having a little bed time ritual helps a lot, especially if you struggle to sleep. Give it a go, change your habits, create a little routine and that should help you get that deserved beauty sleep.

Nite nite and sleep tight!

The Jockey Women’s Lounge Chemise in White Melange costs £35, but at the moment is on sale for £28. The lovely White Melange shorts cost £25, on sale for £20. Both available on sizes XS-XL and can be purchased from the Jockey website and Amazon.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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