Friday Fixation: Mary Jane shoes


Pretty in nude. This Louboutin is so classy!

I always liked Mary Jane shoes, but, amazingly, have none. Being a perennial fan of that geek, or librarian chic look, I don’t quite understand why they are not part of my life.

So, let’s spare a thought for this style. This week obsession is… Mary Jane shoes.


Blahnik’s Campari, his fame from SATC

These shoes are courts with rounded, or almond, toes, with a strap at the top. They can have a little clasp on the side. They are a grown up version of school shoes, really.

Modern version are quite flexible in shape, with pointed toes, platforms, multiple straps… but Mary Janes have been around for ages – think even for males in the XV century.


The Penseé

Louboutin did it… quite a few actually. And the original Penseé was in fact responsible for the advent of the red soles!

At the moment, there are quite a few around, with various heel heights and shapes, as well as designs, waiting to be part of your wardrobe.

The good thing about this style is that it gives you that extra support and hold, making heel life easier. Also, it seems to look extra nice with tights and knee high/over the knee socks.

So, will you give the Mary Jane a go this season? Or are you already a big fan? Or maybe you don’t like the style? Do share!


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