Thomas Hills talks hair at Fashion International backstage

thomas_hills_fashion_intlThomas Hills knew from a very young age that hair was his business. So much that from 13 he entered the industry, worked with great brands and set up his own Salon in Surrey, where he collects achievements and awards, trains promising hairdressers and has an amazing team.

thomas_hills_fashioninternational - 4This team was brought by Thomas to the London Amba Hotel for two days as a Fashion International partner, creating the hair looks using PIMP Amsterdam hair products.

On the night, there were six designers showcasing their collections and the models had a tidy centre parting and soft/grunge waves for five shows and hair up for the other.

thomas_hills_fashion_intl1After attaining extensive experience in the customer side, Thomas Hills has branched into fashion session styling and in between hair fluffing and sprays, I caught up with him to find out more about it.

I asked Thomas about the challenges of styling for multiple shows, like that one on the night. He mentioned it is important to use different people to meet different briefs and bear in mind deterioration of hair condition, as well creating something that is wearable and will last, and flatter the designs.

On the creative process, Thomas said it is a collaboration, and for this show, it started around six weeks before. He can mould the team around the brief, playing to individuals strengths, so the formation of the team varies according what is being achieved.

Hills aims to produce wearable looks that work well with all models; something that is on trend with his own twist, but is achievable in the available time.

thomas_hills_fashion_intl5Ultimately, his creation need to compliment the designs because in the end, they “hairdressers are there working for the designers”.

And what is hot right now? Thomas bets on warmer, soft looks, straight ends. Softer, complimentary colours, like golds and browns are in and for my delight dip dye, harshness and clashes are gone.

Of course, after my interview I stayed around to watch the show and may have fallen in love with one piece or two… I will talk about them very soon, promise!

Thomas Hill’s salon, TH1 Hair, is located in Oxted, Surrey.


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