Golden hair for the holidays

jolen-creme-bleach-original-review - 1Little details in our beauty regimes make all the difference, and Jolen is one of this products that give that almost imperceptible touch that really refines the look.

I have very fine, but abundant hair in my arms and being dark haired means my little hairs are too. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they bother me, but they show.

Well, Jolen Creme Bleach to the rescue.

jolen-creme-bleach-original-review - 2To celebrate its 50th anniversary, classic Jolen has revamped its packaging and also made the bleaching kit easier to use, adding a handy and tiny mixing bowl to the box.

Just wash the area with soap and water, add the cream to the mark on the bowl, one lid of the accelerator powder and mix well with the spatula provided.

I did a patch test on the inside of my arms and left for a full 10 minutes before proceeding to do the whole arm.

jolen-creme-bleach-original-review - 3To make application in larger areas easier, it also comes with a rectangular larger spatula, which I used to do my forearms.

Easy to apply, it only takes 10 minutes to work its magic – that time was enough for mine to bleach completely, but it might take a bit longer, or less, of some.

It’s practically smell free and you barely feel it on the skin; there was a tiny bit of tingle in some points, but nothing uncomfortable.

Hairs were discoloured easily and quickly, no fuss, no mess.

jolen-creme-bleach-original-review - 4 (1)Jolen Creme Bleach is suitable for the whole body, including the face: brows, sideburns, the dreaded moustache. Jolen has got your back!

This was the first time I used it and now I think how I lived without it for so long. For the beach, it’s particularly nice as the tan shows through much more.

Have to say, I am adopting as a regular into my regime. Love it!

The Jolen Creme Bleach Original kit costs around £4 for 30ml and can be purchased from major retailers nationwide.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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