So Many Lovely Things, GDPR and privacy policy

First of all, thank you for being with So Many Lovely Things.

Today you are receiving something a bit different – it’s not about beauty, style, or lifestyle, but very important as it is to do with your personal data.

You might have heard about GDPR, which means the European regulations around personal data is changing, and that means that ultimately, you will have more control over YOUR data.

So Many Lovely Things know how lucky we are to have you around and we respect you and your information. Please find our updated privacy policy, so you know exactly what data we collect and what we do with your data (hint – not a lot, mainly keep it to send you the latest goss!).

If you still want to hear from us at So Many Lovely Things (and get all the pretty things on your inbox from time to time), you don’t need to do anything. You will keep receiving everything we post on the blog as usual.

Of course we don’t want to see you go but if you wish to unsubscribe, please use the link at the footer of this email to do so.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions, or just want to talk beauty!

Stay gorgeous!

written by Dani

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