That squeaky clean feeling

My first electric toothbrush was purchased less than a year ago but I feel like I will never be able to live without it. In fact, how did I?

When Oral-B invited me to the launch of their new brush, I was dead excited and thought: can this get any better? Spoiler: yes, it can. 

The Genius X 20000 relies on AI to help you achieve the best brushing possible. 

AI? Really? Yes. Using artificial intelligence means that your brush learnt from thousands of brushing styles and it can map where exactly you are brushing, if you brushed enough and if you are putting too much pressure on your teeth. 

As research shows, 80% of people do miss some areas when brushing, so Genius X makes sure you get in every bit and helps you improve. 

The brush looks amazing and I went for the sleek shiny black which looks fabulous in my bathroom. The light ring can be customised in many colours and all Oral B heads will fit – of course a shiny black Crossaction one will look better on mine. 

It has six cleaning modes: normal, deep clean, sensitive, whitening, massage and tongue, as well as a battery life of up to two weeks and gum pressure control.

Linked up to the app, you can see exactly where and how you’re brushing, and progress is tracked. The brush stores up to 30 sessions if you cannot use the app, and it’ll sync once you connect via Bluetooth. 

On top of that, the app offers tips, reminders and different programmes to improve your oral hygiene, such as tongue brushing,  flossing and rinsing prompts, and whitening, fresher breath and gum health settings you can follow for a number of weeks – all customisable.

Sometimes the app does not record if you change the setting at the and of the brushing (as I do to brush my tongue) and occasionally starts mapping a different part from that you’re brushing, but overall it works great and I find a great aid in actually getting the right time and thorough brushing. 

Plus, it gives that amazingly squeaky clean feeling after! I am 100% sold and won’t, more than ever, look back. 

It also comes in a pretty rose gold colour and costs from £169.98 and it comes with a gorgeous rechargeable travel case (which doubles up as a power bank I hear).

You can get all the info on the Genius X at the Oral B website, where you can also see which retailers nationwide you can buy from, including Amazon and Boots.

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains a PR sample as this product was GIFTED, with no obligation to post. This review, however, is based on my experience and reflects my honest opinion.

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