Get your nails Dressed to the Nineties

There no secret I am a 90s person (late 90s, I’m not that old). I’m secretly unashamed of the terrible fashion sense and even worse – makeup habits I had at the time.

Also no secret I love nail polish, especially when they come from essie.

So obviously I am head over chunky heels with the essie Dressed to the Nineties Limited Edition Fall 2017 collection, hitting the shelves at the end of August 2017.

The six gorgeous shades fleet between pinks and purples with the right amount of shimmer and shifting.

My favourite, surprisingly, is silvery metallic with a light purple shine Girlie Grunge; just gorgeous and rather neutral for its shade. As they say, come as you are. Oh, and shine.

As I am a sucker for colour shifting, I could not stop myself loving Dressed to the Nineties, a very dark purple with a subtle green-blue shimmer. Gorgeous.

At the moment, I have the mega pretty As If. This powdery periwinkle is warmed up with a hint of red, and it’s the most gorgeous thing.

On my toes for weeks now is the “staple with a difference” Knee Highlife, a deep wine red with some purple undertones.

For the more discreet out there, Saved by the Belle is a lovely baby pink, creamy and a slight blue undertone and Mixtaupe is a fabulous warm ivory with a tiny dash of pink.

As you can see, pinks, reds and purples tie up the collection together, warming or cooling the tones for those exclusive shades full of cool, relaxed vibes, fit for office and party.

Of course, I cannot rave enough about the essie brush, which delivers a perfect at home mani so effortlessly. Lately, that is all you see on my nails.

Also worth remembering that the colours are curated by essie’s Global Colour Designer Rebecca Minkoff, so you know you’re gonna be up-to-date.

The collection has barely launched but being the lucky bitch I am, I was one of the first to get my talons all over it and I’ve already wore four of the six shades to near exhaustion. Nah, not really, I can’t get enough.

The too cool for school Fall 2017 collection is available from the 23rd August to the 17th October in Superdrug and 30th August to the 26 September in Boots. After that, it’s hasta la vista, baby, to all of these fabulous shades. As if! you gonna let this lot go 😀

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Cyclical fashion: dip-dye hair

Nicki Minaj's rainbow dip-dye hair

Minaj's rainbow dip-dye

Lavoisier’s conservation of mass law tells us that in nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed. I really like that – even though the principle is really used for chemistry and mechanics, I do believe things are cyclical, and fashion is no different.

One example, of many, is platform shoes. I have worn platforms twice in my lifetime – not when they became hugely popular for the first time, in the 60’s and 70’s, but when they had a brief revival in the mid 90’s and recently and for the past two years they have been everywhere. And the trends keep coming back to haunt or delight us, albeit with a modern twist but recycled nevertheless.

Anyway… I saw the dip-dye hair trend on Vogue recently, and even though it is something I will never consider (I am too much a colour coordination freak to do that), I thought it was worth a mention.

It is transformed from the past – what we see today, an almost polished look, with well treated and well coloured locks is reminiscent of the bold colours grunge girls wore back in the 90’s.

Niki Minaj’s is my favourite, just because it is a different twist on the trend, and I think it suits her.  If to be tried at home, I suppose colourful hair inserts could do the trick. If you think this one is definitely for you and are feeling brave enough, here is a tutorial on how to dip-dye your hair.

I am also not that keen on the ombre hair seen in the same Vogue gallery (super overgrown roots, giving the hair that lighter colour at the tip). I like my highlights retouched, thank you very much.

cyndi lauper

Cyndi Lauper shows her true colours!

Funnily enough, over the weekend, as I watched old video clips on obscure music channels quite late at night, I saw the ever fabulous Cyndi Lauper singing True Colors, back in 1986. Of course, her hair colour has always been flamboyant to say the least,  and here she also has a second colour on the bottom layer of her hair, but you can see the orange dip-dye-esque colour there.

It does, however, work for some (certainly worked for Cyndi), and in my opinion, worked better when it was part of a lifestyle.

Would you venture?