Sophia Webster x Barbie shoes


Those tiny pink Barbie stilettos are probably one of my first idea of shoes I wanted on my feet. So much, that stilettos are still my favourite type.

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Shoe obsession update

A few weeks ago, I talked openly about my shoe feelings and well… as any woman in love, I made possibly the wrong decision and succumbed to something that could potentially hurt me (ring any bells?!). Ok, maybe this is a bit dramatic, but, hey…

I couldn’t stop thinking about the shoes since I tried them on, so I bought them. Even if I never get round to wearing them out. Sad, I know, but I just had to have them. I never felt like that about a pair of shoes – NOT wearing is never an option. Obsessed much?

Ironically, I twisted my ankle wearing FLAT boots about ten days ago, and am healing (almost there!) so haven’t had the chance to wear them yet….

Mine, all mine!