Nominate So Many Lovely Things for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

Those who know me will know I really blog for myself. It’s something I love. But I suppose getting an award wouldn’t be so bad…

I would be forever grateful if you could nominate So Many Lovely Things for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 under the Best Beauty Blog (ambitious, I know).1441186218-cosmoblogawards-2015-nominatemebadge

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the followers, the comments, the interaction with people who share the same love as me, the fabulous brands that believe in me and in what I do.


And oh, the unique ability to inspire, even if one person out there, and to perhaps give them a little nudge to enhance their amazing selves… it is truly priceless.

But my blogging has a more selfish reason to be: me. My passion for beauty, style, fashion – and shoes – that is so huge that leaks out from my small person into these virtual pages.

Most importantly, it has given me comfort when I needed the most.

I never thought that, in claiming my little corner of the internet, I would be exposed to so many amazing things.

It has given me the chance to work with amazing brands, it has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge which is ever growing, backing up my love for the subjects.  And the people… I met amazing people.

I feel extremely lucky, privileged and humbled. Oh, and eternally grateful.

However, I take an award wouldn’t go amiss, right? So please (I say again, just in case) nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 in the Best for Beauty category. It’s super quick, and you can do it by filling the form on their page.

You never know, I might even get shortlisted! Should I be, there will be a little post asking you (yes, I always ask too much) to vote for me.

And thank you. Not just for this, but for being here. There’s a lot of love going round.


The Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards: Vote for me!

The Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards

I am so excited! So Many Lovely Things has been long listed for the The Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards under the “Beauty Blog of the Year” category. It is now open to public vote, so I am unashamedly asking for you to vote for me.

If you know me already, hopefully this and reading my posts will be enough for you to click. If you don’t, take a look here where you can get to know me a bit better. I also have an interview on Beauty Obsessed where I talk about blogging and other things. Otherwise, feel free to look around and find out!

To vote is very simple: all you need to do is to click HERE, put your name and email address, select So Many Lovely Things from the “Beauty Blog of the Year” dropdown menu, fill out the captcha and click on SEND!

Being cheeky, you can vote more than once if you have more than one email address until the 20th January when maybe, if enough lovely friends and followers vote for me, I can make it to the short list! That alone would be great – I really love my writing my blog; it has been a year since I started blogging frequently and getting to know other amazing bloggers around, and I would be chuffed if this happened, as there are so many great people out there!

So, I am asking, vote for me, and also for others on different categories, and if you feel like it, tell your friends to vote for me too!

A massive THANK YOU (for voting and supporting me!) and good luck to all long listed!