On plump and radiant skin

this-works-light-time-review-1Now, that is a big claim: plumper and more radiant skin. can one line of products deliver? Well, sceptic as I am, I must say the this works light time range does not disappoint.

I first came across the light time skin plumper, a light moisturiser that seems to wake up and un-crease the skin. I reviewed a long time ago and since I could not let go.

It is perfect for the morning, to smooth that pillow face and fight fatigue.

this-works-light-time-review-2However, I was totally impressed with the other products on the range, starting with the amazing light time open eyes eye cream.

Apart from the product itself, the best thing about it is that the hole from which the product is dispensed is not directly on the fabulous massaging metal applicator. It makes a massive difference applying them smoothing separately; for me, it is just more practical.

this-works-light-time-review-3The de-puffing cream is light, glides and absorbs very well. It contains vitamin-rich algae, Persian silk tree extract, aloe vera and Argan 0il to smooth, revitalise, soothe the delicate round the eye area.

The biggest surprise comes at the end of this piece: the light time cleanse & glow. Most of you will know I don’t like cream cleansers. I am a foamy cleanser girl through and through. However, this got me from day one.

this-works-light-time-review-1-1Applied on dry skin and massaged, this balm starts melting makeup straight away. Then, add a bit of water and keep massaging in circular moves to activate the vitamin C and cleanse even deeper. Remove with water and skin is super clean and comfortable.

Nourishing and a delight to use, it removes even eye makeup rather well (minimal left for the eye makeup remover, I tell you!) and contains jojoba, water-activated vitamin C and vitamin E.

The whole range is tightening, smoothing and brightening; weirdly, skin feels awake after use, so it’s my favourite for the morning routine.

You can get them from the this works website. The cleanse & glow costs £30 (75ml), open eyes, £25(15ml) and skin plumper, £29 (30ml).


You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains a mix of products I have bought myself and PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them

Product review: Simple Radiance brightening moisturiser

simple radiance brightening moisturiser

A few Simple poducts have been popping up in the blog lately – I received a mish-mash of products from different ranges and they are really hitting the spot.

All I can say is that this is a lovely day moisturiser. That is it. It is very light and absorbs really well. White in colour and of a medium consistency, it spreads really well and doesn’t have smell, which is great, and it also has skin protecting SPF 10 – very handy! The skin feels nourished afterwards and seems to stay that way for most of the day. It doesn’t interfere with my make up; I haven’t noticed any difference in durability since I started using it.

What do they say:

“Our Radiance Brightening Moisturiser SPF 10 is a perfect blend of ingredients and light reflecting particles to help to moisturise, protect and visibly brighten your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

Our special blend of Simple moisturising goodness containing  Mango Extract, Glycerin, Bisabolol, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, helps moisturise, protect and visibly brighten your skin.”

As you can see, lots of skin loving goodies there. I have to say, I am converted to Simple products. Everyone that uses, swears by them, and now I can see why! And all for the amazing price of £6.99!

To find out more about the Radiance range and other Simple products, click here.

This post contains PR samples, however, this review is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.