Enter the Red Door Experience

red-door-experience-debenhams-londonParty season is now and full swing and if you are like me, you – and your skin – might be feeling a bit exhausted!

You’ll be pleased to know that Elizabeth Arden brought their NY beauty secrets to the heart of London: welcome to The Red Door Experience.

Newly opened at Debenhams Oxford Street, The Red Door offers services from speedy pick me ups to full body pampering.

Now, I must point out that the 15 minute treatments are perfect for the festive season: the Oxygen Blast Facial cost £15 and is designed to revitalise skin. A thorough cleanse and tone is followed by an oxygen, hyaluronic acid and 16 minerals. I tried that myself and just say skin felt renewed for a few days. Night before who?!

elizabeth-arden-red-door-debenhamsApart from that, there’s another express device at the same price, the pollution solution, perfect for us big city folks, which has anti-ageing and anti-pollution properties. You get a quick fix that packs s punch: Cleansing, a boost with the SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster and a sheet mask full of antioxidants.

The top treatment is the the Ultimate Arden Facial (£70, 75 minutes) which has microdermabrasion and special mask, as well as décolleté treatment, scalp massage, hand treatment and upper body warm stone massage.

red-door-experience-debenhams-london1The introductory Elizabeth Arden Essential Facial counts with cleansing, exfoliation and hydration (£50, 50 minutes), the Ceramide Anti-Ageing Facial (£65, 65 minutes) is focused on rejuvenation, strengthening and moisturisation and the Oxygen Infusion Facial (£65, 65 minutes) delivers that fabulous signature oxygen and minerals infusion and a collagen mask for rejuvenation.

Apart from those, you can also count on the free Lady Liperty (exfoliating lip fix, Eight Hour Cream Protectant and lip colour to match you mood and complexion), Pampered Hands (lush Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment plus All-Over Miracle Oil) and Find Your Perfect Match (foundation type and colour match).

To find out about all the treatments and book your, visit the Elizabeth Arden website.



Highlighting with theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

thebalm_maryloumanizer_highlighter_review - 1Oh how a love a good highlighter. I use it every day; subtle for work and amped up for going out. Regardless of its intensity, it is always present.
I had been dying to try theBalm products for a while, as a friend in Brazil, Joana Freitas, a makeup artist, has great things to say about the brand and had raved about this product in the past.
When it came to Debenhams, I knew it was only a matter of time. Luckily for me, inside the fabulous Debs’ end of the year party goodie bag, I found the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter staring me in the face.
thebalm_maryloumanizer_highlighter_review - 2The colour is great, it is a warm golden beige, with just the right amount of shimmer, a bit different from anything I tried before, which are usually peachy, pinky or white-ish/yellow gold highlighters.
It blends like butter, has a good pigmentation and last well, I find perfect for everyday as is quite discreet, giving a lovely sheen, catching the light very well and effortless to put on.

Plus, the cute and cheeky vintage inspired packaging gives it extra brownie points with me, although in general, the compact, with a mirror, is super simple and without a lot of weight to it.

I really love this highlighter and although I have an extensive collection, this one certainly has a place among the others.
thebalm_maryloumanizer_highlighter_review - 5You can get theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer at Debenhams, for £17.50 online and in selected stores.
It is super popular, so might be difficult to pin down. Cindy-Lou is a lovely rose and Betty-Lou is a warm bronzer that you might want to try too.
This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.