Product review: Lola by Perse Spirited Away eyeshadows and eyeliner

lola automatic eyeliner - somanylovelythings

I hadn’t worked on an eye makeup for a very long time, so the arrival of the beautiful new eye colours from the Lola Makeup Spirited Away collection was the right excuse to get me going!

For this look, which was inspired in one created to promote the collection, I used the Lola satin eyeshadows 034 – a shimmery gold – 035 – a shimmery baby blue and 045 – a shimmery terracota.

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Eye make up look challenge: blue butterfl-eyes

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The highlight of a make up show I attended (which was so rubbish it doesn’t even deserve a review or mention) was the Paperself stand, where they were doing free applications of their gorgeous lashes, and I chose to try the gorgeous “Deer& butterfly” small.

Now, I don’t think they are everyday lashes, but they are so pretty, but so pretty, that I actually feel like using them everyday. Their London skyline one is gorgeous, and their “smalls”, shorter versions of a full design, just for the fluttery outer corner, is actually wearable, on occasions. For a fashion shoot, they are just splendid! I love the peacock ones!!!

Inspired but the delicated butterly lashes I had applied, I decided to create a Blue Morpho butterfly wings look.

I started with the primer, followed by a generous sweep of a light blue powder pigment. I then applied dark blue crushed pigment from the outer corner in, blending towards the middle of the lid. Using a brush pen, I drew the oval shape of a wing, and blended into the darker blue.

I applied white eye liner on my lower water line, and then the blue eye liner followed by a little bit of  lighter blue pigment to 2/3 of my bottom lash line from the inner corner. After that, I put a lot of black eyeliner on the outer lash line and topped up with a little bit of the dark blue pigment.

I added white crushed pigment to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye blending into the lower lash line and also as a half moon to the curve of my “wing” shape,  go give it a bit of a glow.

After that, I re-enforced my wing-shape drawing, with black eye liner, and blended a bit to make the line less harsh, but still visible.

Black eyeliner and mascara followed and then I applied a set of lashes to finish off the look. Of course, the jewel of the crown, the butterly lashes, were applied to the outer corner of my eye, on top of the other lashes.

I love this look. It is different but very pretty!

Products I used:

  • Collection 2000 Dazzle Me Heavenly light blue powder pigment
  • MAC crushed pigments in White As Snow and Wintersky
  • MAC eyeshadow in Carbon
  • MAC eye kohl in Smolder
  • Urban Decay eyeprimer potion
  • MAC brushes 209, 238, 219, 263 and a MINX fluffy one
  • Studio eye pencils in Blue Velvet and Winter White
  • Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip eye liner
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara
  • Duo eyelash glue
  • Ardell 107 lashes
  • Paperself small “Deer&butterfly” lashes

Difficulty level:

Eye make-up look challenge – purple and gold

This week I am trying something a bit more elaborate.  A great friend of mine, Gisele, is doing a make up course in Brazil. She posts her practice eye make up and I decided to choose one and do my own version. I used the similar colours but made some changes and ended up with something a bit more dramatic and less subtle.

I started by applying a primer, then spreaded the gold pigment across the lid.  Using a pencil brush, I outlined the shape with the purple shadow, blending the line closer to the inner corner into the gold and filling the shape at the outer corner.  I added a couple of shades of purple to give it depth . I then blended the purple into the gold. The pigment was quite thick, so kinda “contaminated” the purple, it goes everywhere, so the purple became less intense! Eyeliner was applied, with an exaggerated flick on the outer as well as in the inner corner, creating a slick line.

TO get to this point everything was really smooth, and quicker than I thought. The final touches, however, took a while. I then applied eyeliner to my water and lower lash line, creating a very long flick, and applied some gold from the inner corner.  Finally, I put some supra colour cream to fill the gap between the top and bottom lines  flicks. Pigment was added to the brow bone for highlighting.

I had problems with my false eyelashes;  this set was a new one I tried, and it was quite cheap, it was quite stiff to mould around the lash line. Plus, I couldn’t find my duo glue and used something else, it didn’t go in properly, so  i removed the lashes and took ages looking for my glue. Found it, but my patience was gone. Then lash wouldn’t sit well, and I had to re-touch the liner, and it is a bit thick. So my lash application was far from perfect and I apologise for that, but I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

However,  I was pleased with the results, and see many colour combinations working with this one. It is quite exaggerated, and I am not sure I would wear it out anywhere, but I liked the end result it. It was particularly good training defined shapes and lining techniques. And learning to always go for good quality eyelashes – mind you, I have applied those in four friends (I bought one of those packs with ten pairs) and managed to do it beautifully; it is only when applying on myself.

Products I used:

  • NYX loose pearl powder in Oro
  • Lancome purple eyeshadow (sorry, I cannot read the name!)
  • Coastal Scents purple eyeshadow from the 88 original palette
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • NYX eyeshadow base in pearl
  • Smashbox Photo-op under eye brightener
  • Maybelline One by One volum xpress mascara
  • Kryolan supracolour in copper
  • Maybelline Studio gel liner and its brush
  • Duo waterproof eyelash glue
  • MAC brushes 208, 211, 219, 231, 239 and 275
  • A cheap pair of eyelashes (which I may avoid in the future!)

Level of difficulty: