Review: Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing express styling range

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing review

Even though it is not a great thing, we are all rushing people. I, for once, always seem to be running that little bit late. Tools that helps us save a bit of time are always welcome, so I was glad to try the Schwarzkopf got2b Mind blowing range.

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Product review: Lee Stafford Big Fat Root Boost mousse spray

lee stafford big fat hair

Big fat hair. Something that, for me, a person with fine hair, was always an unattainable dream.  To add insult to injury to my limp strands of hair, luscious, voluminous locks proliferate around me, everywhere I look. The cheek!

Since taking Roaccutane for the second time, I noticed a visible thinning in my hair. Although in quantity it seems ok, it is finer than it’s ever been.

Anyway, I have to resort to products to lift those roots and create that glamorous effect in my locks.

I came across this Lee Stafford root boost a while ago and have been using regularly. The consistency is of a firm-ish white mousse that dissolves well, and you apply it in a very controlled manner, thanks to the little straw nozzle (which I love, as too much product tends to weigh a lot in my hair, leaving it looking greasy), straight to the root of towel dried hair, rub with fingertips and style.

lee stafford big fat hair

It really gives roots that oomph and sought after lift, changing the whole look. It holds, especially if combined with a bit of back combing. As you don’t need a lot, the bottle also goes a long way.

So, if big, fat hair is for you, this product will certainly make you happy. In the UK, you can buy it from Boots for £6.99. See the whole range and where to buy around the world on Lee Stafford’s website.

This post contains PR samples, however, this review is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.