Getting over the fear of light colours on my nails

The lovely pastel colours KG shoes I bought are helping me put my fear of light colours on my nails behind me, I think – or at least they contributed to the very first step!

I came across this lovely set from Nails Inc called “The Candy Shop” with the most charming pastel shades plus a lime nail polish. I cannot believe it was half price (£12.50 for four bottles) as the colours in it are very hot for this spring! And they all go really well with my new shoes, and outfits I will put together with it. The blue is really cute, and although I couldn’t bring myself to wear mint green last year, I am confident I will make it this time around. But the star for me has to be the lime shade. Love it!

At the moment, I am obsessed with lime green (or yellow? ummm…) and been looking for some items of clothing to buy. As my outfits always start with the shoes, I do blame KG for all this. Talking about that, I found the cutest super skinny lime belt in Topshop, which has tiny silver studs, and I think it is perfect for my new shoes!

I cannot wait for spring, not only because I am very excited about putting together a fresh wardrobe, but also because I am really looking forward to the warming weather and the beautiful flowers everywhere. Always a comforting thought, when you are still wrapped in your fur coat!