Fall for Specsavers new addition: Love Moschino

I love my Specs. Many a times I said I grew into loving them, now I see tem as a fashion accessory.

My glasses choices vary every day. Some days, I pick a sharp cat-eye to look fierce. Other times, big thick black frames to look smarter or square frames to look more serious.

When I heard about the latest designer collection at Specsavers, my heart skipped a beat. That’s Moschino for a very affordable £125, and even better, on the 2-for-1.

The Love Moschino collection, exclusive for Specsavers, counts with 12 super wearable frames for prescription, for all occasions, and 3 prescription sunglasses, but with that cute and irreverent Moschino twist.

There are little heart prints, polka dots, tasteful jewels and lettering. They are just the right mix of cool and elegant.

My favourite has to be the cat-eye: black frames with a jewelled detail on the arms.

A close second is this gorgeous larger oval-shaped frames with adorable heart on the outside and polka dots on the inside of the legs. There you have it, my 2 for £125.

I could, however, also do with this gorgeous plum number and the fabulous white-framed prescription sunglasses.

Choosing is a hard task, especially when I tried them all at the amazing Light of Soho which, incidentally, had their art exhibition themed about love.

Impossible not to feel enamoured!

Best thing? You can get hold of yours now! Browse the oh-so-adorable Love Moschino collection on the Specsavers website and pop to a store for an eye test and quirky new specs! The hard party? Pick only 2!


New glasses? Yes please!

superdrug_online_opticians_review - 3Am I addicted to glasses or what? It looks like I cannot say no to exciting new frames.

To be honest, I wear glasses everyday. I don’t wear the same trousers everyday, so it’s fair to have a few pairs to rotate. Right?

Superdrug has recently joined the high street opticians game with very competitive options.

superdrug_online_opticians_review - 2They launched Superdrug Online Opticians and I recently received my glasses from them, delivery was quick and painlessly.

After attending their Christmas press day, I fell in love with some simple big-ish black frames and the rest is history.

The total cost of these glasses is £25, which include the 2439 frames, of course, single vision lenses and free delivery!

Is that a fabulous value or what?

They are pretty simple and unbranded, but have a great fit, are very light and are quite fashionable. Their range include hundreds of frames from £25.

There is also a £9 value glasses range. You can get all the details on the Superdrug Online Opticians site.

Four eyes, me? More like 24 with my glasses collection, I say!


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

New glasses for 2015, from Specsavers

specsavers_aw15 - 1I’ve been a specs wearer for about 10 years now and although my eyesight is pretty good, I must wear glasses for computer work and reading, which happens pretty much all day, every day.

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Specsavers AW14 Fashion frames collection showcase

specsavers_glasses_aw14click to enlarge

Every time Specsavers launches their fashion collections I get rather excited and this time it is no different: at their recent meet the designers showcase in London, I could count at least ten pairs I wanted straight away!

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New glasses? Specsavers SS14 fashion frames launches

dani tries mad in england from red or dead

Madly in love with Mad in England

My relationship with my glasses has blossomed in the past few years. Forward back to the teenager who wanted to wear glasses but had a perfect vision, than forward to the late-20’s girl who found out she needed glasses for reading/computer and thought it was a sign of getting old, getting the most discreet frames possible, I can say it came a long way. I now love my glasses – and Specsavers really helps me match them to my personality.

Glasses are really important – they are on your face every day, but somehow, the thought that goes with choosing them, is usually less than choosing clothes, or shoes that we might wear less often than glasses. And that is why I loved this showcase – it showed glasses as fashion accessories all throughout.

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