Ring obsession!

There is no end to my obsession with rings – and they (the rings and the obsession!) are definitely growing in size… there are no limits anymore!!!

For someone who didn’t wear rings until a bit more than a year ago, this compulsion is quite disturbing…. There are so many out there, the designs are beautiful!

Just wanted to share my latest purchases… sorry, pictures are from Instagram!

My pre-A/W 11-12 wishlist

midi River Island skirt

To midi or not to midi? Regardless of length, the colours are spot on!

As the shops tease poor souls like myself with brand new shop windows in anticipation to the new season, I have been making a wish list of items I think will be key in my wardrobe for the Autumn.

I have quickly warmed to the colours I have seen around and I am looking out for mustard, navy, cobalt and petrol blues, grey, rich golden beige, tan, burgundy, and jewel tones. Very pleased that colours will seep into the new season, and I look forward to explore palettes I haven’t before (like navy blue, weirdly). It also makes a great change from the usual mostly dark wear for the colder months.

From the wish list below, I have already bought a few but most are yet to be purchased, I am keeping an eye out for them – watch this space!

1. Midi length skirts – still not sure how I will fare on one, as I am quite short and the midi has always been a no-no (as far as my mirror tells me), but it really looks like midi will be the only length for the coming season, I may have to embrace.  Almost bought this cutie one from River Island, fell in love with the pattern, but sadly, after all the garments on my size were defective, I’ve gone off it a bit.  I am officially on midi skirts watch.

Primark mustard lace dress


2. A navy blue blazer – I am a big blazer fan (even though in the office they always ask me why I look so smart), and I have put an order in for a lovely one from H&M (have to say, their A/W collections is very nice!)

3. A checked jacket – it’s cute, exhales some countryside Englishness and can have a mix of all the colours I am into at the moment. H&M, once again, has a cute one for a unmissable £19.99!

4. A tailored coat  that has feminine details –  this one from H&M is pretty much what I want, as design goes, but doesn’t really seem that warm. I suppose I have to touch it, try it on and see, so I placed an order (not due until mid August).

5. Dresses – a mustard lace one, bought for a steal in Primark (£17), a burgundy, a cobalt blue and a purple-ish, still to be found!

6. Tan loafer heels – I bought some cheap ones from New Look, 10cm chunky heels, very Maggie Thatcher! Turned out to be a good fit, sizing is spot on and they are quite comfortable, as they are very square, so no squashed toes!

7. Flat tan leather boots – for the daily grind. Have my eyes on one from very.co.uk, the Love Label Dustin riding boots, a true staple. At the moment, site says it ships in five weeks, so might wait a bit to order.

8. Statement earrings – yes, they are back. I remember when I was about 16 and these massive, heavy American Indian heads, dangling with all sorts – metal feathers, beads, the kitchen sink, you name it – were all the rage. I love big earrings.

9. Statement rings – in the new season colours – don’t think I need to elaborate on this one, this post says it all.

10. A choker – I haven’t been big on necklaces lately, but want to jump on the choker bandwagon, my mum has always been a big fan. Not sure if I want a very flamboyant or a more demure one. Might love it so much and end up buying several.

Topshop Glam suede shoes in green

11. Emerald green heels – tried to bag a super bargain from Zara, but that proved to be a fiasco. Instead, went for the highly affordable Topshop Glam court shoes, in green suede, for £46.

12. Mustard and navy blue tights – tights tights tights, I really love tights. I remember when I arrived in England, I felt so cold, but so cold that I couldn’t even bear the thought of wearing tights in the winter (I used to wear four layers: 2 tights, leggings and jeans, 2 socks!). Nine years on, I don’t think I’ve worn trousers for the past two winters!

As we say goodbye to short sleeves and bare legs, I am sure more tendencies will catch my eye – I will be posting them avidly – but I think these are certainly a great flavour of what is yet to come, and will help me step into the new season in style!

Put a ring on it

A make-up person? Yes. A clothes-coming-out-of-your-ears person? Sure. A more-than-a-centipede-can-handle shoe person? Hell, yes! I never, however,  considered myself a ring person.  Never cared for them, furthermore, at one point I even worried about the possibility of wearing a wedding ring.

children rings

Childhood treasures

When I was a child, I had a lovely tiny gold solitary ring with a blue sapphire. I remember crying so much when the stone fell, and my mum got it replaced with the dinkiest ruby ever. I also had a little pearl ring.  I quickly grew out of them and had to have the little ruby ring broken in order to remove it from my finger.

On my 13th birthday, I was given a diamond solitary ring (not a massive rock – small, but with amazing clarity, colour and cut). I also grew out of that, after having it resized once, I had to get it cut out of me! Yes, it seems that I tend to hang on to things, until someone physically removes them from me – but that’s another issue altogether!

And I never fussed over rings, maybe because I got traumatised by wearing a “commitment” ring for 3 years from my very first boyfriend, with our names engraved and all – such an old fashioned thing that has nothing to do with the person I am; it haunts me to this day – I have bad taste shivers to the day when I think of it!

a selection of rings

Making a statement, a finger at a time!

In the past years, I bought only a couple rings, discreet sets of 3 with flowers mainly. In the last couple months, however, I have been totally crazy for them – maybe because the current fashion dictates they come big, bold and bright (and there is virtually nothing like that I don’t love), maybe I just decided my fingers need adorning – and I have amassed a little collection  in a very short period of time.

The funny thing is, one day, when I failed to put a ring on, I felt kinda naked on the DLR on my way to work. Could the rings be my new earrings? Time will tell!