You, Rockstar

sleek-rockstars-collection-review-2Sleek is bringing the sparkle back. And they don’t it by halves: living proof is their new Rockstars collection, just launched.sleek-rockstars-collection-review-14Perfect for Christmas and by that I mean all the parties soon to commence, the Rockstars collection has two sides.sleek-rockstars-collection-review-5On the lighter side, Diamonds in the Rough with a lot of rose, golds, champagnes and peach in their eyeshadow palette, with two rich cream shades; the golden one makes the best highlighter!sleek-rockstars-collection-review-6All metallic and beautiful, including the gorgeous Scandalous lipstick, a metallic deep red and a highlighting soufflé in pretty shimmery peachy pink, called Pink Opal.

The darker side has jewel tones. Highly pigmented and glistening metallic, the appropriately named Hidden Gems palette has eyeshadows ranging from silver to royal purple.sleek-rockstars-collection-review-10The Superstar lipstick is a metallic shade of deep warm purple with iridescent particles, also present on Scandalous.sleek-rockstars-collection-review-7The highlighting soufflé here is Smoky Quartz, a gorgeous slightly glittery light gold, perfect for cheekbones but even better for finishing the eyes with an intense shimmer on top of colour.

sleek-rockstars-collection-review-13The bullet on the lipsticks deserves a chapter to itself: faceted, they have a sculpted shape, cut as the jewels they are.

Now the prices? You know Sleek has a fantastic value in all their collections and this is no different.

The Diamonds in the Rough and the Hidden Gems eyeshadow palettes cost £7.49 each, the Scandalous and Superstar Lip VIP lipsticks, £5.50 each and the Pink Opal and Smoking Quartz highlighting soufflés, £7 each.

You can get the whole Rockstars Collection at the Sleek website or at Superdrug.


You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


Nails of the week: red and gold marble

red and gold marble nails - somanylovelythings

Well, we all know I cannot get enough of a good old easy marble – it is up there with gradients and leopard spots – so here is another one.

In reality, this was to satiate my need for red talons – and being one not able to have just plain nails, something had to be embellish it… I give you gold! Now, that’s an embellishment!

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Eye make-up look challenge: red and orange

Tropical cocktail. This was my inspiration for this look, so I am naming it Tequila Sunrise, taken from the drink, of course, but also from the liquid liner name!

I primed my eyes and applied a shimmery golden peach shade on my brow bone, blending towards the crease. I then swept the orange all across my lid and blended upwards. Using a blending brush, I applied the raspberry on the outer corner and blended around the crease.

I then applied the black liner, creating a long-ish flick on the outer corner. I then used the liquid eyeliner in metallic orange/copper above the black eyeliner and then from the outer corner of my eye, just below the black, following the same shape. Black eye shadow was applied across the water line using a liner brush, then I applied black eyeliner to the lash line, smoking it just a little bit.

After that, I cleaned the fall-offs and applied a concealer under my eyes. I then created the line below my eye, from the inner corner, following the black liner just past half the eye and flicked downwards.

I made the raspberry colour more intense using the pencil brush on the crease and applied the shimmery peach to the inner corner of my eye, bringing it up slightly on the inside of my nose bridge towards my eyebrow.

To finish it off, I applied mascara and then false lashes. Very happy with this look,  it is different, colourful and very pretty!

Products I used:

  • myface.cosmetics silkscreen eyeshadow duo in siren
  • Inglot eye shadow 469
  • MAC eyeshadow in carbon
  • myface.cosmetics slinky liquid liner in Tequila Sunrise
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
  • Laura Mercier eye concealer in wheat
  • Hourglass film noir mascara in onyx
  • MAC eye kohl in smolder
  • Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip eye liner
  • MAC make up brushes 239, 217, 219, 231, 194 and Mink blending brush


Nail of the week – gold with black chevrons

Experimenting. This has been my mood. When I bought the gorgeous OPI GoldenEye, part of their James Bond Skyfall collection, I was quite happy to wear it on its own, as it is show-stopping enough.

However, I don’t seem able to sick to plain coloured nails anymore; one colour won’t do. It is almost a disease.

So, I decided to try something new. I had wanted to play with tape for a while, but I can get quite lazy. This time I decided to go for it and create a chevron style.

I painted all nails using GoldenEye. Coverage is quite sheer at one coat, but it is good at two. I used three. The wide brush is always a winner here. The gold is amazing, deep, glittery, sparkly and with a coppery reflex to it. I painted in the morning and left it until the afternoon to do phase two.

I used normal household clear sticky tape, just cut a little strip and placed it from the upper corners of the nail  towards the centre, forming a “V”.  I then applied Barry M in Black to fill all “V’s” and removed them all carefully. I finished it off with a topcoat.

As a first attempt, I thought it turned out very well. A few of the lines were a little jagged, but not enough to look bad. One of the chevrons was slightly off centre (and that was on my right thumb nail, which has been recovering from an awful breakage and is much shorter than the others). Other than that, the chevron came out very good!

I will definitely try taping again, I loved the chevron look. The manicure was elegant, and duration was top – seven days, not a chip in sight; quite impressive for a black tip!


Nails of the week – orange with gold French

A couple of weeks back I went to the Cointreau rendez-vous and as part of the activities, I had a mini manicure. The colours available or varying shades of – you guessed – oranges, including corals.

I had my nails painted a lovely shade, but being particular about how they get painted, they didn’t last 24 hours on my hands. However, I decided to keep within the colour scheme and painted my nails this lovely shade of orange-coral from Impala, called Twenty Years. On top, I applied Max Factor’s Bronze, for a gold shimmer.

Two days later, I applied a gold French manicure, using Barry M foil effects nail polish.

I have to say the colours complemented each other very well. The Impala polish was quite opaque with two coats; the Bronze on top delivered the right amount of golden shimmer. Application was smooth, and durability great, even with the French.

Overall, a cute look.


Eye make-up look challenge – purple and gold

This week I am trying something a bit more elaborate.  A great friend of mine, Gisele, is doing a make up course in Brazil. She posts her practice eye make up and I decided to choose one and do my own version. I used the similar colours but made some changes and ended up with something a bit more dramatic and less subtle.

I started by applying a primer, then spreaded the gold pigment across the lid.  Using a pencil brush, I outlined the shape with the purple shadow, blending the line closer to the inner corner into the gold and filling the shape at the outer corner.  I added a couple of shades of purple to give it depth . I then blended the purple into the gold. The pigment was quite thick, so kinda “contaminated” the purple, it goes everywhere, so the purple became less intense! Eyeliner was applied, with an exaggerated flick on the outer as well as in the inner corner, creating a slick line.

TO get to this point everything was really smooth, and quicker than I thought. The final touches, however, took a while. I then applied eyeliner to my water and lower lash line, creating a very long flick, and applied some gold from the inner corner.  Finally, I put some supra colour cream to fill the gap between the top and bottom lines  flicks. Pigment was added to the brow bone for highlighting.

I had problems with my false eyelashes;  this set was a new one I tried, and it was quite cheap, it was quite stiff to mould around the lash line. Plus, I couldn’t find my duo glue and used something else, it didn’t go in properly, so  i removed the lashes and took ages looking for my glue. Found it, but my patience was gone. Then lash wouldn’t sit well, and I had to re-touch the liner, and it is a bit thick. So my lash application was far from perfect and I apologise for that, but I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

However,  I was pleased with the results, and see many colour combinations working with this one. It is quite exaggerated, and I am not sure I would wear it out anywhere, but I liked the end result it. It was particularly good training defined shapes and lining techniques. And learning to always go for good quality eyelashes – mind you, I have applied those in four friends (I bought one of those packs with ten pairs) and managed to do it beautifully; it is only when applying on myself.

Products I used:

  • NYX loose pearl powder in Oro
  • Lancome purple eyeshadow (sorry, I cannot read the name!)
  • Coastal Scents purple eyeshadow from the 88 original palette
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • NYX eyeshadow base in pearl
  • Smashbox Photo-op under eye brightener
  • Maybelline One by One volum xpress mascara
  • Kryolan supracolour in copper
  • Maybelline Studio gel liner and its brush
  • Duo waterproof eyelash glue
  • MAC brushes 208, 211, 219, 231, 239 and 275
  • A cheap pair of eyelashes (which I may avoid in the future!)

Level of difficulty:

Nails of the week – red and gold glitter

I don’t need to go on about how much I love red nails. Think I’ve done that enough in the past, so I won’t bore you with that.

I used Colorama 40 graus – this polish is actually one of my favourites and if you have been to my blog before, you probably came across it somehow. It is a very bright red, intense, very shiny and leaning towards orange.

Jubilee nails were my intention, but, somehow, I couldn’t be bothered to paint Union Jacks and wasn’t feeling the blue (I know, very lame), so I went for red with gold.  I used the Andrea Fullerton’s Georgia Glitter Duo, and was very pleased with the result. I applied the glitter near the cuticle to still wet nails, and moved my finger downwards, with a gentle shaking motion, so it would fall towards the tips, I also had to very delicately spread a bit with the tip of my finger to get a more symmetrical effect.

Durability was good. The Colorama polish lasts really well, and the glitter at the bottom, instead of the tip kept really well for the six days I wore it.

This time was much easier to use the glitter puff  than the first time I did. The mess was the same, though. Have to admit it is well worth it; I just love the look.


Nails of the week – warm tones with gold French manicure

Once again, I went a bit colour crazy! I have so many lovely nail polishes, that sometimes is super hard to choose just one, so I decided to do a warm colour palette – from yellow to red.

The polishes I used were :

  • Yellow: H&M summer sunrise
  • Orange: Impala aleixo
  • Lighter pink: Impala confeti
  • Darker pink: Miss Sporty number 130
  • Red: Colorama 40 graus
  • Gold: Barry M effects foil gold

I had used the yellow and the red before, in fact, this red is one of my favourites. I found the orange a bit sheer, still with two coats; the darker and lighter pink were alright, application was smooth for all. Durability was surprisingly long, as

I tend to wear off my French manicure by typing; when I removed, seven days after applying, I felt it could’ve gone for longer! Ace!

I am really into French manis nowadays!

This is a very bold look, but I don’t think it interfered with my clothes or was too out there for eyes to pop; people usually noticed (and complimented!) after looking carefully and closer.  I absolutely love the colours combination – and I am dying to do a cold colours one… we shall see!

I had a friend at home, so she also left with a slight more demure creation of mine; a purple and lilac French manicure, using a lilac from Miss Sporty and Collection 2000’s purple rain.


Outfits of the week – 11/05/2012

This week I did something I’ve meaning to do for a long time:: photograph details my daily outfits and post them once a week. I managed to do three this week. Here they are:

Dalmatian top (Primark), black shorts (H&M), taupe gold toe cap stilettos (Viviana), white cardigan (Primark), black resin ring with gold flakes (Sobral).

Vegetable print dress (Primark), black patent courts (River Island), black cardigan (H&M), crystal apple ring (New Look).

Mint green top (H&M), black trousers (Zara), boucle crop jacket (Topshop), mint green silver toe cap shoes (Topshop),  crystal leopard ring (H&M) and “believe” ring (Disney Couture).

So what do you think? I am sure that, just like me, you cannot wait to break into your spring wardrobe…I have bought so many lovely items, and still haven’t had the chance to wear them… Today is a bit brighter, so I decided to add a bit of pastel, as seen above!

Come on weather! London is beautiful with a blue sky!

Ring obsession!

There is no end to my obsession with rings – and they (the rings and the obsession!) are definitely growing in size… there are no limits anymore!!!

For someone who didn’t wear rings until a bit more than a year ago, this compulsion is quite disturbing…. There are so many out there, the designs are beautiful!

Just wanted to share my latest purchases… sorry, pictures are from Instagram!