Nails of the week: red and gold marble

red and gold marble nails - somanylovelythings

Well, we all know I cannot get enough of a good old easy marble – it is up there with gradients and leopard spots – so here is another one.

In reality, this was to satiate my need for red talons – and being one not able to have just plain nails, something had to be embellish it… I give you gold! Now, that’s an embellishment!

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Nails of the week: Pink and blue marble

pink and blue marble effect nails - somanylovelythings

So I rebelled last time and went for a single colour on my nails (missed it? Read about the bright green nails here), but now I am back to my normal (?) self – and it is marble time again!

I find this easy marble so good; the effort is really small compared with the impact, so I just love it, and need to stop myself from doing it every week (even tops the gradients for “cost x benefit”).pink and blue marble effect nails - somanylovelythings

If you missed, I posted a short tutorial on my last marble nails. For this one I did exactly the same, with a wooden stick, but using the turquoise electric dreams from Collection, the pink sweet tart from Revlon and French white also from Collection, finishing with Seche Vite topcoat.

This was done to go with a dress I am wearing for a wedding, is has got water colour flowers in mainly pink and blue, and I am very pleased with the result – it looks girlie, candy like and the mix of colours is great. I even tried “bigger” movements to create different patterns on the marble effect!!!

pink and blue marble effect nails - somanylovelythings



Nails of the week: purple, blue and pink marbling

marble nails - so many lovely thingsI will confess straight away. I did not do this myself. This is one of the few manis posted here I haven’t. When I am in Brazil, I always go to the same manicurist. She, however,  doesn’t tend to do anything artsy, as her clientele base usually goes for basic colours.

After insisting a bit, she told me  she could do the marbling but not with water (“That takes too much time, especially to clean!” Irma said), but mentioned she could do something similar with a stick. Of course, I said yes.

Now, my second confession: I forgot to take down the name or photograph the nail polish colours used. Do-oh.

Basically, she applied purple first and made sure some areas were very saturated with polish. The she generously blobbed pink and blue around the nail and using a wooden stick, mixed the colours in random motions – big circles, tiny ones, waves…. to create the patterns. The secret is not to “stir” too much otherwise the colours will blend. Also, careful not to leave gaps without polish as you “scratch” the nails with the stick!

And this is the result. I really like it. It is different, very detailed and each nail is completely unique! As you can see, my nails are well on their way to recovery since the moving disaster. Yay!

It lasted well – a whole week, no chips, with an ordinary topcoat – I didn’t use Seche Vite there.

I loved this mani so much that have another one on… which will be published next week – and with the names of the nail polishes used!