Nails of the week: red and gold marble

red and gold marble nails - somanylovelythings

Well, we all know I cannot get enough of a good old easy marble – it is up there with gradients and leopard spots – so here is another one.

In reality, this was to satiate my need for red talons – and being one not able to have just plain nails, something had to be embellish it… I give you gold! Now, that’s an embellishment!

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Nails of the week, Christmas edition: red, gold and… Rudolph!

red, gold and reindeer nails - somanylovelythings

Yes, I am floating around in Christmas spirit (better late than never, no?).

I am not usually a fan of little animals, flowers and drawings in general on my nails but what the hell? It is Christmas after all. So here they are – my super festive Christmas nails!

It has red, gold and a reindeer! Yes, Rudolph is my special guest!

For the red and gold gradient I used the sponging technique with the beautiful The Spy who Loved Me and Golden Eye, both from OPI’s James Bond collection. It was quite a hard gradient to put together, as the gold is not quite glitter – it is like a foiled effect, so a few layers were needed!

red, gold and reindeer nails - somanylovelythings

I drew the reindeer’s head with the polish brush. I used a deep metallic brown which is the darkest colour from Andrea Fulerton’s duo polish Petrol in Water. Then added the eyes using a dotting tool and Collection Nail Tip Whitener white polish. Used The Spy Who Loved Me red for the nose  (with a larger dotting tool) and Barry M’s nail art pen in black for the antlers and black dot in the eye.

I then finished them all with a top coat!

Must admit I like it more than I thought I’d ever like a drawing on my nails – very happy with the result!

How festive!

Happy Christmas to all! Happy holidays from So Many Lovely Things



Nails of the week: blue and silver leopard print

blue and silver leopard print manicure - somanylovelythings

You know when I obsess about a nail design I just can’t stop. I am actually surprised it took me this long to be at the leopard spots again…

This time, I went for a blue base with the beautiful L’Oréal’s colour riche in Rebel Blue.

Then I used Barry M Foil Effects in silver to add the spots and the super handy Barry M’s Nail art pen to add the black outlines and small spots, using the same tools as  previously on this colourful leopard print manicure.

blue and silver leopard print manicure - somanylovelythings

I am very pleased with the result; this design is very straight forward and has a great effect!



Nails of the week: colourful leopard print

colourful leopard print nails - somanylovelythings

You probably know by now I obsess about things. After loving last week’s leopard print soooooo much, I decided to do another one, of course. I went for a lovely white/gold base and my leopard spots were very colourful!

First, I am going to say how much I love the OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, which I picked up at Olympia Beauty. It is part of OPI’s winter collection and the colour is just amazing – a metallic white base with some colour shifting from a shimmery gold with a tiny little spark of green and red sometimes to a colder white, almost silver. Stunning. Seriously, rarely do I fall in love with a light coloured polish, but this got me. I sense it being used more – it is and amazing base for art: non intrusive but so not boring! It applies alright, there were no bush marks – the OPI brush is great, but this polish is a bit on the thick side.


After applying two coats of SSS and letting it dry for about 15 minutes, I drew the spots with a fine nail brush and normal nail polish – I first did all blue (Kiko 385) spots, then purple (L’Oréal Flashing Lilac), green (L’Oréal Wasabi Hint), yellow (L’Oréal Banana Pop) and pink (L’Oréal Acid Watermelon),  making sure they were well distributed and no nail had the exactly same pattern!

20131005-211041.jpgAfter that, I used Barry M’s Nail art pen (seriously, how did I have this at home for soooo long and never used? Love this thing!) to add the irregular black outlines and random flecks to the spots.

I finished it off with a topcoat (Seche Vite) and I am absolutely in love with it. Sooo pretty!!!

colourful leopard print nails - somanylovelythings



Nails of the week: red with leopard print

red and leopard print nail art - somanylovelythings

If you know me, you will know I have more than a soft spot for animal print. I just can’t stay away from it. Finally, I braved into doing something I wanted to do on my nails for a very long time: leopard print spots.

I am very surprised it took me this long. I thought it would be very difficult so always gave up before starting. Little did I know it was going to be quite easy and I would be very pleased with the results of my first attempt – amazingly with no huge mistakes!!!red and leopard print nail art - somanylovelythings

Red nail polish is my first and true nail colour passion. For me, there is no better colour on my talons. So I used one of my favourite reds, Colorama’s 40 Graus, a vivacious and shiny orangey red. I applied two coats and let it dry for about an hour.

red and leopard print nail art - somanylovelythings

I then used Barry M Foil Effects nail polish in gold (another favourite of mine!) with a fine brush to create the spots in only half of each nail and finalised with Barry M’s nail art pen in black. This pen is great, fine, precise, fiving just the right amount of polish, so making the dark marks around and between the spots was a breeze. Applying with the left hand was a bit more challenging, but it worked well! I am thrilled with the result. After I let it dry for a few minutes, I applied a topcoat.

Truly in love, I feel these nails are really me.

colorama 40 graus and barry m nail polishes, nail art pen - somanylovelythings



Nails of the week – black with red glitter French manicure

black with red glitter French manicure - somanylovelythingsBlack and red, red and black… I cannot get enough. Definitely my favourite colours.

This week I had a wedding to go to, and was wearing a red (surprise!) dress, so decided to match my nails.

I used Colorama Black as base on all fingers except the ring one, where I applied the gorgeous Barry M glitter in red (seen in full glory here) as an accent. I used the same red to do the French mani on the black ones.

black with red glitter French manicure - somanylovelythingsI love it, really. The glitter tips just looked so pretty (the Barry M glitter polish is amazing!), and the black was so glossy (Seche Vite topcoat used!). Application was fine; two coats of each polish were applied. Durability was good; by the 6th day the glitter started to wear off from the tips, but a good run nevertheless.



Nails of the week – antique gold

nails in antique gold from somanylovelythingsAntique gold. Well, not quite. I called it like that because I cannot think what colour this is. Weird.

This Gosh Galaxy promised a lot from the bottle – a sort of  antique gold base with some colour shifting between blues and pinks. However, it didn’t delivery upon application.

The colour is intriguing; you can spot the antique gold base and the multicoloured flecks. If you look really carefully, in some lighting, there is a very subtle colour shifting. Sadly, not enough to wow me.

I added a pretty star from Nail Art UK, but not even that could save this mani. A waste of two stars, really…

Polish application was fiddly, one coat is very sheer, I have three on. it doesn’t dry too quickly, so the next coat was a bit gloopy. It seemed to get quite thick quickly. Durability is ok.

Overall, the colour is pretty; I like the base colour, I like the flecks but the fact it was beautifully colour-shifting in the bottle really let me down.

As I wasn’t super happy with it, I slapped Barry M croc black effect on it after a couple days, leaving only the star finger as it was, creating an accent nail, which made the mani more interesting. The crocodile skin effect is cute, very delicate and the texture is not too bad. I could still see some gleaming flecks from galaxy through it. But I encountered the same problem with this as I found with crackle topcoats: the durability is appalling – it flakes away very quickly. Plus, as I applied a couple days after I had my nails done, it wasn’t the prettiest finish, you can see a few untidy bits around the cuticle, it was really hard to clean the excess!



Nails of the week – colour shifting glitter flakes

colour shifting glitter flakes nailsOh, I love this. Pretty pretty pretty! You all know how much I love a glitter flake nail polish. Really. I cannot have enough of them!

This time I tried Specialittá Hits Mundo das Danças in Cha Cha Cha, a clear base laden with beautiful colour shifting glitter flakes that on a dark base, will change from a fiery reddish-orange through gold to forest green. AMAZING!!!

I used two coats of Barry M in Black and applied only one coat of the flakie. The quality is great, it is so saturated with flakes that one effortless coat will create a fantastic effect, covering the black very well!

colour shifting glitter flakes nails - somanylovelythings

Application was very easy and durability is also great. I am seriously in love!



Nails of the week – silver glitter, black and nail sticker

silver nails with black tips and nail tattoos

click to enlarge

I am in love with this week’s manicure! Glitter is one of my guilty pleasures – I love sparkly things, especially on my nails, even though it is a major pain to get it off.

This week, I am wearing Barry M in Silver multi-glitter, a fine, silver based glitter with lots of other colours – red, blue, pink, a bit of gold. Really really pretty. Actually, Barry M’s glitter polishes are really amazing, at a great value! This particular one is very saturated, two coats were enough to achieve a good coverage. I ended up using three, but could’ve done with only two.

With Barry M in plain black, a staple in my mani box, I created the diagonal tip, using  normal sticky tape.

To finish it off and give it that extra cuteness, I added a SkinArt UK’s bow nail tattoo on each of my ring finger nails to create an accent nail. The tattoos come in a pack of 60 individual stickers with varied designs – bows, stars, hearts, birds, crosses, anchors – all very pretty and you shall be seeing more of it very soon! I found application easy enough; it is quite delicate, as it is a small sticker, but I applied quickly without a problem, with the aid of tweezers. A good topcoat (I use Seche Vite) is a must after you apply the sticker, and also to smooth the diagonal french tip.

Durability was great, full week with no chips, sticker in place! But above all, how pretty is that?


Nails of the week – black with glitter flakes

I am a sucker for glitter flakes… I just love them, especially when they colour-shift a lot!

As part of my huge haul from Brazil (back in September), I received this lovely black jelly base glitter flake polish, called Tango, from Speciallitá Hits, which is from their “World of Dances” collection.

Their polishes are really good quality – good coverage, usually alright with two coats and great durability. The finish was really glossy! However, I think the flakes weren’t big enough, so the effect was not as stunning as I was expecting. I also noticed there were not many flakes per brush dip, so two coats didn’t deliver as many flakes as I would expect.

I used one coat of Barry M Black as base and two of the Hits one.

The flakes shift from golden to green, and there are some red flecks too, which shift a little bit, but some are just red glitter. Although I was slightly disappointed, the effect was very pretty, I liked it very much!