Nail of the week – gold with black chevrons

Experimenting. This has been my mood. When I bought the gorgeous OPI GoldenEye, part of their James Bond Skyfall collection, I was quite happy to wear it on its own, as it is show-stopping enough.

However, I don’t seem able to sick to plain coloured nails anymore; one colour won’t do. It is almost a disease.

So, I decided to try something new. I had wanted to play with tape for a while, but I can get quite lazy. This time I decided to go for it and create a chevron style.

I painted all nails using GoldenEye. Coverage is quite sheer at one coat, but it is good at two. I used three. The wide brush is always a winner here. The gold is amazing, deep, glittery, sparkly and with a coppery reflex to it. I painted in the morning and left it until the afternoon to do phase two.

I used normal household clear sticky tape, just cut a little strip and placed it from the upper corners of the nail  towards the centre, forming a “V”.  I then applied Barry M in Black to fill all “V’s” and removed them all carefully. I finished it off with a topcoat.

As a first attempt, I thought it turned out very well. A few of the lines were a little jagged, but not enough to look bad. One of the chevrons was slightly off centre (and that was on my right thumb nail, which has been recovering from an awful breakage and is much shorter than the others). Other than that, the chevron came out very good!

I will definitely try taping again, I loved the chevron look. The manicure was elegant, and duration was top – seven days, not a chip in sight; quite impressive for a black tip!


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