Nails of the week – red and dotty

I needed a red manicure to go with a fancy dress costume – which is no effort, as it is my favourite nail colour –  but it had to be plain, which is a problem, as I get bored very quickly…

So I used the lovely OPI The spy who loved me, which I was really looking forward to trying,  and after I attended the party, I decided to give it dots in two colours: Colorama Ameixa and Ana Hickmann Jurerê. It looks very berry!

The OPI application was good, their wide brush really makes life easier; the polish is a bit sheer, but two coats are enough. Durability is great!

The dots were applied with dotting tools in 3 different sizes; as it is only the second time I do them, I think they came out pretty well – still have to nail the dots distribution though.

Both polishes used for dotting were up to the task; the colours were solid enough. I wish I had used a lighter plum colour for the darker dots, as most of the time they seem  black!

The only problem is that I added the dots four days after I did the manicure, so the cuticles in the pictures, which were taken six days after I did the basic red mani, are not looking perfect, there is a little bit of growth going on, unfortunately.

Still, I am pleased with this mani, and I shall be sporting more spotty nails in the future!


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