What I’ve been wearing, June 15

Now that I am posting the Dani’s Little Book of Fashion articles, I am limiting my “what I am wearing” posts to one a month.

The posts differ a bit in the sense the book of fashion is one particular look, taking trends or occasions and breaking it down in wearable chunks.

What I’m wearing brings my daily ensembles – what I wear to work and to events. Instead of the sporadic round-up of outfits, I will be sharing a selection of my favourites of the month to provide a bit of an insight on my style and hopefully a little bit of inspiration.

Outfit #1

what i'm wearing somanylovelythings I love this flowery suit from Matalan. It’s a bit sports luxe and the flowers make it perfect for the season – it looks great in the office too. It is gorgeous and the price is fab – the jacket is £20 and the sports trousers £15. I teamed with a nude colour vest top from New Look, nude court shoes from Christian Louboutin, necklace from Primark and rings from Forever 21, H&M and Primark.

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What I’ve been wearing – 27/02/14

This post seems to be mostly about going out – there is just one work outfit included! I love dressing up, and always make an effort when going out!

Been feeling a bit blue lately, so that might explain the huge gap between outfit posts. Spring will certainly bring a hug wardrobe excitement and no doubt I will be photographing and posting more outfits! Cannot wait!

Outfit #1

outfit of the day

Flowery of the should crop top and black pencil skirt from H&M, belt from Primark, black court shoes from Christian Louboutin (Decollete 100), necklace from Primark, rings from Sobral, New Look, H&M and Topshop.

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My little shoe project

high heels - somanylovelythings
You can see them in detail, including where they are from, below

Shoes. I just love them. Maybe love is not the right word. I am just obsessed with them. Maybe I should’ve been more clear – this little project is not about any old shoes. It is about heels – needle, chunky, comma, spiky, curvy, platform, wedges, block, straight. Heels are the actual object of my infatuation.

May be I am opening myself to being called a crazy shoe lady and I couldn’t care less – to quote Imelda Marcos, “they went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes”. So there you go.

First of all, I love the way they make me feel. Well, tall, to start with and those 5 foot almost nothing ladies will certainly understand. But they make me feel as if nothing is impossible – you know the “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” say? That is right. Nothing is scary in heels – ok, maybe a wet field, going down a mountain, but you know where I am going with this, right? They make me feel happy and more confident. And that’s just on the inside.

My legs look nicer, my posture looks better (ok, orthopedists out there, I know what you are thinking, and frankly, save it!).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel ugly or insecure in flats. I fell comfortable, alright. In heels, I feel amazing. There is, for me, a weird satisfaction on wearing a fabulous pair of shoes. That’s the reason I decided to document my heels. Most of them, at least. Also, I love looking at them – they are beautiful. 

And it gave me and excuse to finally count them. These 90 odd are part of more  then 140 pairs of shoes which include flats and boots. Amongst this selection, there are many special ones, like my first pair of Louboutins. Some carry numerous memories. Others, sentimental value; they are more than 12 years old and although I don’t wear them anymore, they are a part of me that came over from Brazil to the UK, and like me, they survived. A few tell tales of boys, usually followed by tales of a heartbreak. It is also a little reminder of pain that we all carry in our live (honestly, there are pairs I only wore once as they butchered my feet!)

Yet, they all tell tales of my life and the person I am – I feel this mosaic is a little patch from a huge patchwork quilt that is me. 

What I’ve been wearing – 24/10/2013

Realisation time: summer is really behind us. It actually feels like it’s been ages! I am very thorn between summer and winter wardrobes. Whereas I feel prettier wearing summer clothes, I feel much more elegant during autumn. Winter itself is a bit of a let down in terms of daily style for me, as it is too cold that all you want is to pile up 2000 layers to make sure the wind doesn’t get through.

In the summer, I feel like my skin colour is closer to what it should be (the way it was back in Brazil) and the brighter palette really compliments it. Outfits are often prettier and more feminine.

There is something about autumn that brings out harsher lines, and of course, the darker colours are in. I feel more elegant by adding more elements to a look, layering and rougher textures mixing. A lovely coat really ties it up together!

Anyway… there is no looking back now. Here is how I’ve been welcoming the new season…

Outfit #1

outfit 1 - somanylovelythings

Red leopard print box cropped top from Boohoo, leather effect leggings from H&M, red patent courts from Christian Louboutin, necklace and bracelet from Primark, rings from Sobral, Topshop and New Look.

Outfit #2

outfit 2 - somanylovelythings

Black mohair crop top from New Look, black and white spotty skater skirt from River Island, black and white court shoes from Viviana, necklace from Accessorize, bracelets from Primark, rings from Forever 21, New Look and Topshop.

Outfit #3

outfit 3 - somanylovelythings

Green jumper from H&M, green and blue tartan trousers from Primark, black court heels from Christian Louboutin, necklace from Little Birdie London, bracelet from Primark, rings from Forever 21, New Look and H&M.

Outfit #4

outfit 4 - somanylovelythingsRed V-neck jumper from Zara, grey and black tartan shirt from Primark, grey skater skirt from H&M, black ankle boots from H&M, tartan socks from Primark, bracelet from New Look, rings from Primark, New Look and Disney Couture.

Outfit #5

outfit 5 - somanylovelythings

Grey and pink heart jumper and body-con black skirt from H&M,  black ankle boots from H&M, socks and necklace from Primark, rings from Primark and New Look.

What I wore

So, with the weather oscillating so much, and looking a bit grim at points to say the least, I went a bit crazy on the autumn/winter 12-13 items that can already be found in the shops. It is a sad thing; it is not even the pinnacle of summer and I am already thinking about buying warmer clothes…

I started the week with love on my mind, favouring the heart print two days in a row, with two girly dresses I love!

Then I went a bit darker, and yes, I wore trousers, a very rare occurrence; and  I closed the week with a very autumnal blouse.

This week I gave in to the big necklaces. Oh, I am loving them and cannot wait to acquire a couple more.


Navy and nude heart print dress (Little Mistress),  red patent court shoes (New Look), heart ring (Forever 21), nude round and large over the knuckle rings (H&M), above the knuckle ring (eBay), MAC lipstick in Lady Danger.


Black and mustard heart print ring (Primark), tricolour court shoes (Zara), rings (big heart – Forever 21, small D heart – Miss Selfridge, mustard – H&M, black bars – Primark), bracelets (mix of Topshop and New Look), Lancome lipstick in Hot stuff.


Black sheer shirt (Primark), black trousers (Zara), black peep-toe wedge booties (New Look), rings (skull – shop in Paris, gold knuckle – H&M, resin – Sobral, above the knuckle – Lovehearts and crosses), bracelet (New Look), earrings (News Look and ear cuff – Topshop), necklace (Primark), MAC lipstick in Odyssey.


Floral blouse (Primark), black pencil skirt (H&M), taupe gold captoe shoes (Viviana), rings (mustard H&M, star – Primark, gold knuckle – H&M, resin – Sobral, above the knuckle – Lovehearts and crosses, bars – Primark), necklace (Primark), Kiko lipstick (it was bought on their sale, has no number, or name, it is quite orange and matte, I put a little bit of Vaseline on top).

Have you started buying Autumn/Winter items yet? What trends are you going to be adopting?

What I wore – 21/07/12

It really feels like every week, when I show you what I wore, I mainly moan about the weather. Well, I do. I cannot take anymore. All the tought and effort (and a bit of frenzy) that went inbto building a lovely summery wardrobe are totally in vain. Oh, well….

It feels like my tights are glued to my legs. My only attempt not to wear tights last week was aborted in the middle of the day; I didn~t wear them on Tuesday, but I brought them in my bag. By midday had to gie in… just not warm or dry enough.

It had been a while since I wore leopard print, so I decided to start my week in it; and I closed my week confronting the grey weather by going all colour with a bright pink playsuit.

And on Wednesday, I wore I dress I bought a few years back in New York; so pretty, inspired on the Prada collection at the time, it seems to keep giving!

Here are the details:


Leopard print blouse (Forever 21), black leggings (H&M), taupe shoes with gold toe cap (Viviana), animal rings (Miss Selfridge), resin ring (Sobral), spike and leather studded bracelets (New Look), NYX lipstick in Peach Bellini.


Mint green lace panel top (H&M), black pencil skirt (H&M), mint green shoes with silver toe cap (Topshop), skull ring (shop in Paris), triple spike and black heart rings (Forever 21), believe ring (Disney Couture),  Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake.


Black and white print dress (Forever 21),  tricolour shoes (Zara), metal belt (Primark),  pearl earrings (Accessorize), ear cuff (Topshop), flower rings (Accessorize), big heart ring (Forever 21), D heart ring (Miss Selfridge), bracelets (a mix of New Look, Topshop and Primark), MAC lipstick in Russian Red.


Pink flower print playsuit (Primark), black leather ankle boots (gift from a friend), skull ring (as above), star ring (Primark), snake ring (New Look), purple stone ring (Accessorize), bracelets (a mix of Topshop and New Look), NYX lipstick in Chloe.

How are coping with the “summer” in the UK? If you are not in the UK, how’s the weather over where you are?

This week’s outfits – 09/06/12

So, last week I was working like a crazy woman (not that I am that normal, but last week was just unbelievable!), so I neglect my outfits’ post and failed to record a couple.

To redeem myself this week, I am posting three from this week (spent one bank holiday in pyjamas, surely you don’t want to see that!) , three from the forgotten week and a bonus outfit.

A few observations… I am *gutted* I am back to wearing tights. It is cold. It is wet. This is not fair… but we must keep pretty, so here we go…

Monday 28/05

Faded memories from warmer days… red and white stripey dress (H&M),  red sling back peep toes (Aldo), apple ring (New Look), oval white ring (Primark), Lancome lipstick in hot stuff.

Wednesday 30/05

Mint green pencil skirt and flowery nude top (both H&M), mint green with silver toe cap courts (Topshop), flower bracelet (Primark), grey stone ring (Accessorize), Nyx lipstick in peach bellini.

Thursday 31/05

Insisted on bare legs but the weather had already turned. Sad times! Black pencil skirt and nude lace top – with a black boob tube underneath (both H&M),  nude slingback peeptoes (Topshop), frog ring (New Look), Lancome lipstick in hot stuff.

Wednesday 06/06

Back to the tights… UGH! Cat print dress (Primark), black wedges jelly shoes (Melissa) rings (star – Primark, resin – Sobral, snake – New Look, black stones – Primark), Kiko ultra glossy stylo in tangerine with a bit of Nyx lipstick peach bellini.

Thursday 07/06

White crop blouse with black spots (Primark), black cotton bodycon dress (H&M), red patent court shoes (New Look), animal rings (set of 4, Miss Selfridges), resin ring (Sobral), black and gold bracelet (H&M), Lancome lipstick in hot stuff.

Friday 08/06

Cat print dress (Zara), taupe shoes with gold toe cap (Viviana), bracelets (mix of New Look and Primark), tiger and frog ring (both New Look), flower hair clips (Primark), Lancome lipstick in hot stuff.


Yes, I had to dress up for our street party! Haha

Union Jack dress (Primark), black jacket (H&M), tiara (Primark), flag (Tesco! HA) and red patent shoes (New Look), MAC lipstick in russian red.

This week’s outfits – 25/05/2012

What a glorious day to finish off the week! I am just so happy it is warmer and the sun is out!

I started the week still trying to transition into my spring wardrobe, wearing tights and mixing some lighter pieces with black. I really love the print on Monday’s skirt, it has that watercolour/old china plate feel to it!

Thinking I was over neon was a big mistake, as Tuesday’s skirt proves (ok, it is not the neon lime high waist shorts and crop top combo I wore in the 90’s, but still). I am really into blouses, and this bow print one is a new acquisition!

And then there was Wednesday, when I officially broke my annual “psychological tights barrier” and put the legs out. I absolutely love this cream lace top dress; it is so feminine!

I am finding H&M is full of goodies for amazing prices lately; thumbs up for the collection. Thursday’s outfit is entirely from there, and comes to under a £10, yeah, you heard me, under a tenner!!!

To close the week, I wore a pretty Venice print dress, from last summer ( I have been in love with this dress since I bought it!) and decided to try something different with my hair: knotted plaits at the back.

So, enough talking, here are the goods:


Black top (H&M), blue flower print skirt (H&M), black patent court shoes (River Island), tiger ring (H&M), believe ring (Disney Couture), spike bracelet (New Look), MAC lipstick in Captive.


Bow print blouse (Primark), neon pink skirt (H&M), resin ring (Sobral), Nyx lipstick in Chloe.


Cream lace top dress (Primark), prince frog ring (New Look), taupe gold toe cap court shoes (Viviana), Nyx lipstick in Peach Bellini.


Print sleeveless top (H&M), teal skirt (H&M), mint green silver toe cap shoes (Topshop), tiger ring (H&M), teardrops earrings (New Look), Nyx lipstick in Peach Bellini.


Venice print dress (New Look), nude peep-toe sling back shoes (Topshop), flower ring (a shop in Brazil), round rings (H&M), bracelets (a mix from H&M, New Look and Primark), MAC lipstick in Captive.

Have a lovely, fashionable weekend!

Outfits of the week – 11/05/2012

This week I did something I’ve meaning to do for a long time:: photograph details my daily outfits and post them once a week. I managed to do three this week. Here they are:

Dalmatian top (Primark), black shorts (H&M), taupe gold toe cap stilettos (Viviana), white cardigan (Primark), black resin ring with gold flakes (Sobral).

Vegetable print dress (Primark), black patent courts (River Island), black cardigan (H&M), crystal apple ring (New Look).

Mint green top (H&M), black trousers (Zara), boucle crop jacket (Topshop), mint green silver toe cap shoes (Topshop),  crystal leopard ring (H&M) and “believe” ring (Disney Couture).

So what do you think? I am sure that, just like me, you cannot wait to break into your spring wardrobe…I have bought so many lovely items, and still haven’t had the chance to wear them… Today is a bit brighter, so I decided to add a bit of pastel, as seen above!

Come on weather! London is beautiful with a blue sky!

New shoes

Well, I have been a bit lame posting; I am just back from holidays and I am tons of nails of the week behind – trying desperately to catch up.

Been really trying to keep my spirits up, as I am very keen to wear all my new spring/summer clothes, which I managed to wear on holidays, (I will post soon about new purchases) really abused of pastels and the latin Miami trend, even though some people were looking at me funny, as it is autumn in Brazil and the colours are waaay more sober. However, the weather was super hot, and I managed to get a lovely tan, which is quickly fading away, as the weather here is not collaborating.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you lovelies two Brazilian shoe purchases.

I fell in love, head over heels with this red cut out Schutz sandals. Yes, I have lots of red, but I loved it. For R$390 (around £140), I think they are a good buy, heir shoes have exceptional quality!


I also bought these lovely, uber comfy taupe and gold court shoes from Viviana, a unique shoe shop in Brazil – it is situated in the bottom/first floor of a house in a residential area of my city, and they have a great bang on trend selection. Even though they are rocking the Autumn/Winter range, you can already find Spring/summer previews, including this one I got, for R$179,00 (around £64).


Have to say, I am a bit obsessed with toe caps at the moment…