To bra or not to bra

Janet agent provocateur

The bra – often an outfit’s unsung hero – has been under fire recently.

Turns out that our always supporting friend could be not that supporting after all. A French study shows some evidence that bras are actually sagging our breasts more! Shock, horror.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Franche-Comté says that his studies, involving of 330 women between the ages of 18-35 over the last 17 years, show that wearing the garment could actually make the nipples drop 7mm more per year (!!!) than if not wearing it.

Apparently breasts will not develop support tissue when a bra is worn, thus sagging quicker. On top of that, some of the participants also said their posture was improved and they were breathing better.

Although he found evidence that bras don’t help keep our breasts perky, Professor Rouillon said he would not advise straight away that we all go bra-less.

I am not sure how I feel about this one; I certainly welcome removing that restriction, but I don’t know if I could adopt it 24×7.

What about you? Would you revolutionise and burn you bras to free your boobs for good?



Nails of the week: a whole lot of blue

blue nails - somanylovelythings

I know the “nails of the week” title is currently a bit of a lie. They haven’t been coming weekly, but they are still coming.

Do not despair, I haven’t been walking around with appaling talons, I promise, but lately I have been going back to basics more often than not. Not sure why, but my love of plain red and nude has been reignited big time, and there isn’t anything exciting to show every single week.

Having said that, I did get quite excited about this one. First because I love blue. Second, because the enjoyed my previous metallic dot manicure. Third, there are five shades of blue.

I used, from thumb to pinkie: Collection Blue My Mind, Kiko 385, GOSH Sea Foam, Nails Inc Oxford and Topshop Boy Next Door.

Topped off with the gorgeous Nails Inc Electric Lane holographic topcoat and added lovely silver dots from Seekers of the Sun temporary metallic tattoo, which are of great quality on skin and on nails, I have to say.

Seche Vite sealed all off.

Quite happy with this one!



Re-visiting a classic: the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

elizabeth arden eight hour creamIf memory hasn’t betrayed me, I believe Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant was the very first skincare I had access to when I got to London more than a decade ago.

An ex-boyfriend’s mother, the lovely Sarah, told me it was a fabulous all-round product that would soothe my awfully chapped lips. She gave me her tube and guess what? She was right.

elizabeth arden eight hour creamFast forward to 2015 and I am re-trying the very same classic product, created in 1930, with a jazzier packaging (actually, just the lid, I love the red and writing on it!).

You may think I am funny, but I love the signature smell in this product, which is quite oily (if that makes any sense) – it alone makes me think of soothed, comforted, happy skin.

The balm has an apricot colour and is  quite thick, melting in contact with the warmth of the skin and absorbs very well too. It contains beta-hydroxy petrolatum and vitamin E.

3For me, it is at its best on my lips, but this wonder has anti-inflammatory benefits, helping with minor abrasion, weather burns and scrapes, on top of dryness. My lips feel instantly soothed and soft and I since I started using it, I find the frequency in re-application has decreased, so it is caring for them too!

I (stupidly) burnt my hand on the sauna bucket (yeah, genius here). It was a very superficial, minor burn and the Eight Hour Cream was the saviour; applied quickly it took the burn away and the next morning I had nothing.

My aerial hoop battered hands also love this, it is fab on cuticles. Also, I find use for it as makeup: it is great to give skin a glow – cheekbones or even eyelids, for that super dewy, almost plastic look; apply lightly to the brows to tame and shape – there is not end to its uses!

So, thirteen years on, I still love it.

 elizabeth arden eight hour creamYou can get the Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant for £26 (50ml) from their site and also from their counter and many retailers country and worldwide.

The Eight Hour collection has grown a lot since 1930 and also has handy tinted and colourless lip sticks and a balm, night and day face moisturisers, intensive lip and hand treatment creams, sun protection. And if the smell I love is not your cup of tea, they also have a fragrance-free version of the product.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


Holiday skin preparation

scottish fine soaps - pink grapefruit and arganOh how I love a tan. Although I resort to the fake stuff more often than not, nothing beats the real thing.

I am a careful tanner; I use very high sun protection on my face and medium on my body as I have olive skin so preparing the skin to tan is a great help in maximising it.

scottish fine soaps - pink grapefruit and argan

Before my latest short break in Istanbul,  aware of the fabulous rooftop pool in my hotel and also the short time I’d have to use it, I decided to give me my skin an express holiday preparation.

I used Scottish Fine Soaps’ latest line, the Pink Grapefruit and Argan Oil. Armed with the Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Oil and Body Butter, I started the shower time preparation, the night before flying out.

scottish fine soaps - pink grapefruit and argan

The smell on this line is very fresh; I found the zing perfect for a hot day. It really gives you a lift and I was surprised; I am not a fan of grapefruit.

scottish fine soaps - pink grapefruit and argan

I started by exfoliating with the body scrub. This one is creamy and the particles are not too abrasive, but buff away all the dead skin. When exfoliating, I pay especial attention to knees and elbows, as the rougher skin can go darker when tanning.

I rinsed it all off and my skin felt baby soft. It is also great to use after shaving of waxing to help prevent ingrowing hairs.

Then I washed my body to get rid of any residual scrub. The Body Wash is clear in colour and thick in consistency, producing a decent lather.

scottish fine soaps - pink grapefruit and argan

I am a huge fan of body oils, so was really looking forward to this part. It applies very well and the scent is lovely, as apart from grapefruit it has lemon, guava and floral notes. This oil is not dry, so make sure you don’t need to get dressed straight away. Although it is not greasy, it does sit on the skin for a little while; may be I just applied too much?

Finally, I applied the Body Butter, which is rich and super moisturising. That sank straight away. My skin felt mega soft, clean and most importantly, holiday ready.

After tanning, I would stick to oils and butters/moisturisers to make sure I keep my tan. Drinking plenty of water and NEVER giving up the sun cream is also VERY important.

This routine is very useful when fake tanning too – I do, however, skip the body oil and moisturisers and only apply those after rinsing in the morning. This way, you are likely to get a more uniform tan, reduce the risk of streaks and it will also prolong the tan life!

At the moment I am using Bondi Sands Foam and HeShi Gold Foaming Mousse and love them. I am a huge fan of foam self tan as I find easier to apply and the ones I use also give the skin a little bit of moisture so missing the oil + moisturiser step is not a big deal.

I usually tan before going on holidays, I know… but I don;t want to be that white beacon on the beach, right?

How do you prepare your skin for the holidays?

You can get the Scottish Fine Soap Pink Grapefruit and Argan Oil products on their website.

They are great value for money, if you ask me; the Body Wash and Butter come together in a Essentials pack, each 100ml for £9.95. The Body Scrub sells for £10.50 and the Body oil for 15.95.

If you are looking for a new sun cream, I have a few SPF reviews – all tried, tested and loved.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Getting my beauty sleep

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsBeauty is so much more than what I put on my face. In fact, that is the smaller chunk of it – what I eat and my lifestyle choices are the solid foundation.

Sleep is very important, of course, not just to beauty. It’s the time our body rests, heals, renews itself and resets.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

I am very lucky I don’t have trouble sleeping, but a bad night has visible effects on my days, and contrary to popular believe, you cannot catch up on it.

Apart from my face cleansing, toning and moisturising routine (skin renews itself at night, so very important to clean and nourish it), there are some other things that help me nod off.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

Being comfortable is one of them. Crisp linen, fluffy pillows and nice pyjamas.

Jockey Clothing, an American brand, came to my attention a few months back and as I love a sleep, I thought I’d give it a go.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsI have the babydoll lounge chemise and the shorts with the prettiest delicate blue, black and coral butterfly print in white background and coral trimmings.

They are 100% cotton and the quality is very high, so soft you wouldn’t believe! They have beautiful ruffles but they are made in a way to be very pleasant on the skin, so it looks lovely without compromising on comfort.

The details add to the items – little bows, discreet branding. But most importantly they are a joy to wear.

I was in fact meant to publish this piece a little while ago, but I started wearing them as soon as they arrived and had been washed now a few times (and came out perfect), delayed it a bit. They even went on holidays with me!

I find that have a herbal tea before bed helps me, as well as settling my stomach which is easily upset. I always have water by the bed, and take vitamins every night – D and also Hairfinity. I also brush my hair and put some replenishing oils on the tips.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythings

I moisturise my hands and feet. If I am fake tanning, I do that before bed too.

Electronics before bed are also quite disruptive and that is a habit I haven’t kicked yet. Damn you phone!

I can only fall asleep in total darkness, so I always wear an eye mask. Noise bothers me a bit, so sometimes, ear plugs can be handy.

jockey night wear - somanylovelythingsNot long ago I also discovered This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, which has a calming and comforting scent proven to help you sleep. I really enjoy using that and it smells lovely on the linen too!

Having a little bed time ritual helps a lot, especially if you struggle to sleep. Give it a go, change your habits, create a little routine and that should help you get that deserved beauty sleep.

Nite nite and sleep tight!

The Jockey Women’s Lounge Chemise in White Melange costs £35, but at the moment is on sale for £28. The lovely White Melange shorts cost £25, on sale for £20. Both available on sizes XS-XL and can be purchased from the Jockey website and Amazon.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé exhibition coming to London’s Saatchi Gallery

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé

image from Chanel

After the success and beauty of one Chanel exhibition (the Little Black Jacket), the Saatchi Gallery brings us another, this time, a little bit more up close and personal: Mademoiselle Privé.

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Magnum Pleasure Store in Covent Garden, London is open

Lindsay Lohan attends the launch party for the Magnum Pleasure Store in London’s Covent Garden. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday July 1, 2015. To celebrate the store’s opening, Magnum has teamed up with designer Holly Fulton to create an exclusive necklace, incorporating Magnum through colour and design. Available to a select few competition winners, the necklace will be the key to a summer of unlimited freshly dipped ice creams at the Pleasure Store’s exclusive dipping bar. Photo credit should read: John Phillips/PA Wire

Lindsay Lohan attends the launch party for the Magnum Pleasure Store in London’s Covent Garden. Credit: John Phillips/PA Wire

Oh what a pleasure it is to work with Magnum ice cream! Who remembers last year fabulous dipping bar in Selfridges?

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Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: We are going on a holiday! Part 1

little_book_fashion_holiday1 (8 of 9)

Ooooh, to go on holidays… Going on holidays for me is more than just relaxing; I like to soak in the culture, the people and especially the food (a lot of it). If it is sunny and there’s a pool or even better, a beach, it’s my heaven.

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