Wedding dilemma II

Topshop coral ruched dress, £46 goes to the wedding

Well, so I bought the new dress ( and now I have a red dress I haven’t yet worn and material to make a lovely fascinator in a box).

Having more than 100 pairs of shoes, you’d think I would manage to find a pair that goes with the new addition to my packed wardrobe.

However, on the day I bought the chosen dress, I also came across gorgeous coral (ok, it’s more flamingo, but it goes perfectly!) and grey shoes.

My sensible boyfriend (who I think is a bit scared my shoes will one day rebel against him and kick him out of our bedroom) told me that I should go home and see if any of the shoes I have in giant tupperwares under our bed would go well with it.  So, in a rare display of shoe sensibility from my side,  I decided to take his advice into account (another rarity).

Sorry, not this time (Ibiza, SS 10, R$150)

I got home, and opened my Pandora’s shoes boxes. And I knew which one would fit the bill – a lovely snakeskin and gold, Brazilian make Ibiza pair, which I have worn once.

I still couldn’t get out of my head the perfect shoes I didn’t buy – the  glass slippers to my ball. And that’s another thing about me is – I obsess with pretty things. I want something, I think about it all the time until I buy it. It’s like crossing an item from a list. It is not healthy.

So I went back to Topshop and bought the shoes, on the promise to my boyfriend that I would assess the need of yet another pair and ask a qualified panel of people their opinion and subsequent vote. I had a system.

You shall go to the ball (Topshop, £62)

I took the shoes home and tried them on, with dress and Ibiza shoes. I documented my findings and in a very impartial manner showed to 3 people in the office, who all voted YAY to new shoes.  I also conducted additional research amongst other focus groups, and the new shoes got all the votes!

Basing my decision on scientific research methods,  I am keeping the pretty new shoes. And that’s it.  Another find was that being sensible when it comes to shoes is not sensible. I rest my case.

On another note, I also re-ordered all the material for a new fascinator and I am now looking for jewellery, in coral and silver! Ha.

Let me know what you think:

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