Eye contact

I love experimenting with eye make up.  Sometimes I come across something nice online/in a magazine during the day and when I get home I like to re-create the look.

Smoky crease?! Yes please!

The six degrees of separation rule is a funny thing: the brother of an acquaintance I am friends with on Facebook is  engaged to one of the bloggers of a site called TwoDots, which is actually quite a nice make up tutorial, “today I’m wearing”, tendencies kinda blog, and he posts their new entries quite often, and I, from time to time, peek into it to see what the girls are up to.

That inspired me to try a different approach to smoky eyes:  a line just on your crease that gets smoked upwards, while the rest of the eye is quite simply done, although I went for very shimmery shadows – and I like it, in a weird way!

Summer in your eyes!

The other one was a super summery tricolour make up, with oranges, bright pink and yellow,  with subtle brown eye liner, super simple and quick – with great impact.

It’s good sometimes to get out of the ordinary day to day make up – I do miss bold eyes, as I have been back on the bright lipstick wagon – might give it a go next time I go out!, for old times’ sake!


Let me know what you think:

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