Nails of the week – colour shifting glitter flakes

colour shifting glitter flakes nailsOh, I love this. Pretty pretty pretty! You all know how much I love a glitter flake nail polish. Really. I cannot have enough of them!

This time I tried Specialittá Hits Mundo das Danças in Cha Cha Cha, a clear base laden with beautiful colour shifting glitter flakes that on a dark base, will change from a fiery reddish-orange through gold to forest green. AMAZING!!!

I used two coats of Barry M in Black and applied only one coat of the flakie. The quality is great, it is so saturated with flakes that one effortless coat will create a fantastic effect, covering the black very well!

colour shifting glitter flakes nails - somanylovelythings

Application was very easy and durability is also great. I am seriously in love!



Nails of the week – silver glitter, black and nail sticker

silver nails with black tips and nail tattoos

click to enlarge

I am in love with this week’s manicure! Glitter is one of my guilty pleasures – I love sparkly things, especially on my nails, even though it is a major pain to get it off.

This week, I am wearing Barry M in Silver multi-glitter, a fine, silver based glitter with lots of other colours – red, blue, pink, a bit of gold. Really really pretty. Actually, Barry M’s glitter polishes are really amazing, at a great value! This particular one is very saturated, two coats were enough to achieve a good coverage. I ended up using three, but could’ve done with only two.

With Barry M in plain black, a staple in my mani box, I created the diagonal tip, using  normal sticky tape.

To finish it off and give it that extra cuteness, I added a SkinArt UK’s bow nail tattoo on each of my ring finger nails to create an accent nail. The tattoos come in a pack of 60 individual stickers with varied designs – bows, stars, hearts, birds, crosses, anchors – all very pretty and you shall be seeing more of it very soon! I found application easy enough; it is quite delicate, as it is a small sticker, but I applied quickly without a problem, with the aid of tweezers. A good topcoat (I use Seche Vite) is a must after you apply the sticker, and also to smooth the diagonal french tip.

Durability was great, full week with no chips, sticker in place! But above all, how pretty is that?


Nails of the week – holographic black with silver French

Oh, the French manis… I cannot stay away from them for too long! I just find them so elegant – and quite simple to do!

Recently, I received a little haul I did in Brazil; I bought the polishes from Specialittá’s website and got them delivered to my friend’s mum home. My friend was about to come to London, so she kindly brought them to me!

I love this brand’s polishes; they apply well, have great colours and the durability is fantastic.

With this one, is no different – I am wearing a holo from their No Olimpo range, in Zeus which is a dark graphite/black. The colour is super pretty, the effect has great depth and it comes through under different lighting, which is more than I can say for others holos I wore in the past.

Most pictures were taken with flash, to show the best of its holo goodness… the one in the bottom left hand side corner was taken on natural light, so still a pretty good show there.

While one coat is quite sheer, two will do for great coverage, but I used three coats.  I them applied Barry M foil effects in Silver to create the French manicure.  I finished it off with Seche Vite top coat. The gloss finish is amazing; it looks sooooo shiny and perfect! And after 10 days it is still pretty much intact!

Very happy with this mani!!!


Eye make-up look challenge – black and silver

Haven’t posted an eye make-up look trial for quite sometime now; but I managed to get this one out and wanted to share how it went.

My aim was to create a dark silver smokey look, with black, as I had just bought a black silver-studded crop top! I wanted it to be dramatic so I added extra big lashes!

I started with the primer (e.l.f, not shown), and brushed the silver pigment all over the lid. I then lined my upper lash line with the gel liner, extending the flick at the end, and my lower water and lash lines with the eye kohl, also extending the flick parallel to the top one. Then, I generously applied the matte black eyeshadow and smoked it, with the pencil brush for definition, just in the corner and around the crease shape, blending just a little bit towards the centre.

I applied the supracolour cream on to the inner corner of the eye and between the upper and lower flicks, as well as to 2/3 of the way of the lower lash line. I brushed the sparkles all over the lid and the highlighter on the brow bone. Finally, I applied the lashes.

Happy with the look, definitely wearable on a night out! I would however, tone down the lashes, and wear a slightly smaller pair!

Products I used:

  • NYX loose pearl powder pigment in silver
  • H&M eyeshadow in Party Silver (sparkles)
  • MAC eyeshadow in Carbon (matte)
  • Bodyshop brilliance powder (highlighter)
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel liner in black
  • Kryolan Supracolour in silver
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One mascara
  • MAC eye kohl in Smolder
  • Duo eyelash adhesive (clear)
  • Eyelashes from eBay (given to me by my dear friend Gisele)
  • MAC brushes 219, 239, 283, 209, Maybelline eyeliner brush and Elf brush (for the Supracolour)

Difficulty level:

Nails of the week – black with details

Right, this week I did something I rarely do: I change my nail colour halfway through the week.

I bought a pack of nail art striping tape, and was really looking forward to using it for the first time.

The selected tape colour was red, to combine with Barry M black nail polish, into one of my favourite colour combos.

Barry M polishes are great with an amazing value, really, I cannot say this enough. Two coats, easy to apply, great coverage and durability, glossy finish.  Then I applied the tape close to the tip, around the point a French manicure would end. I found application easy and quick.

The problem is, after a few days, the tape started to peel off, and being particular as I am, I decided to remove it. So after three days, I took everything off, re-applied black to all of my nails apart from the ring finger, on which I applied a beautiful black and white nail wrap from Nails Rock to create an accent nail.

The wrap was quite old; and I found application very easy – for this one, there was no heat-me-with-a-hairdryer palava. It was just a sticker. And the staying power was much better than the giraffe print Nail Rock wrap I used before. I found this foil beautiful, very glossy and striking. It did start to come off when I applied bronzing oil repeatedly to my body during a sunbathing session, but really, it was expected! Only problem: it was so hard to remove!!!

So, there you go, although I had a “costume change” in the middle of the week, I was extremely happy with both versions of this week’s nails, I think they were both very classy!


Eye make-up look challenge – black glitter

This is bold! And sparkly…

So, knowing me, you would probably believe I love it and think it is perfect for me, right? Nah-ah.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look, but I don’t think it is the best for my eye shape when looking at both eyes open, from the front; I played with it for a long time, made it thicker, thinner, higher, lower….and still didn’t quite look right, and I wasn’t going to post, but looking at the single eye pictures I thought that it was quite pretty.

It was very simple to put together, the problem was the mess – even though I was wearing the base plus glitter combo, it went everywhere… when I looked to the light, I could barely see, only sparkly reflections, which is pretty, but not very practical.

I first applied a primer and drew the desired shape faintly with a black eyeliner. I  smeared a part of the shape with the base then applied the glitter with the wand, and did bit by bit until the whole shape was filled. If you have the glitter, you can use an old brush and eyelash glue to replicate this look. The mess will certainly be the same!

After that, I cleaned the area around my eye, with a cotton bud infused in eye make up remover. I use this to define the shape in the corner of the eye too, in any smoke, if you want it clean-cut.

Finally, I applied a light metallic eyeshadow and pigment to the brow bone to the beginning of the glittery shape. I was going to apply a set of lashes, but I tried and it was a bit too much, so I removed it!

It is sexy and striking (trust me, two qualities I love), but didn’t quite go my way and I will put this one down to experience!

Products I used:

  • Collection 2000 Glam glitter in black
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • Sephora cream eyeshadow from palette
  • MAC eye kohl in smoulder
  • MAC brushes 239 and 208
  • Elf eyelid primer
  • Smashbox photo-op under eye brightener

Level of difficulty:

I am just giving two wands because of the mess! Blimey! To remove, it was even worse!

Nails of the week: Silver holographic with black French manicure

When I prematurely removed the lovely giraffe foils, I gave my nails a rare breathing day and decided to do a silver holographic and black French I had been wanting to do for quite a while.

I used the beautiful Color Club Worth the Risque, which I wore on its own a while back. I encountered the same problems as before… which I had forgotten about: it takes ages to dry and scratches pretty easily; as I paint my nails in the evening, I had to wait a whole day before feeling safe to use the  strips to do the French mani, then I applied my reliable Barry M’s black and a topcoat (which is the saving grace for the Color Club polish).

Have to say, apart from the pain to achieve, I am very happy with it, and once it is in, it lasts; durability is great, 8 whole days in great state (a very minor re-touch to one of the black tips)!


Outfits of the week – 11/05/2012

This week I did something I’ve meaning to do for a long time:: photograph details my daily outfits and post them once a week. I managed to do three this week. Here they are:

Dalmatian top (Primark), black shorts (H&M), taupe gold toe cap stilettos (Viviana), white cardigan (Primark), black resin ring with gold flakes (Sobral).

Vegetable print dress (Primark), black patent courts (River Island), black cardigan (H&M), crystal apple ring (New Look).

Mint green top (H&M), black trousers (Zara), boucle crop jacket (Topshop), mint green silver toe cap shoes (Topshop),  crystal leopard ring (H&M) and “believe” ring (Disney Couture).

So what do you think? I am sure that, just like me, you cannot wait to break into your spring wardrobe…I have bought so many lovely items, and still haven’t had the chance to wear them… Today is a bit brighter, so I decided to add a bit of pastel, as seen above!

Come on weather! London is beautiful with a blue sky!

Nails of the week: half-moon black and blue

Inspired by fashion week, I decided to try something different on my nails, so, for the first time I had half-moons on my talons. And I settled for matte pastel blue and black, after my gold and black attempt failed.

Tip number one: paint the half-moon colour one day and the top colour the other, to avoid disappointment.  Initially, I used Barry M foil effects in gold; it is a thick polish and even though it  seems to dry really quickly, after an hour, I applied the French manicure stickers to the bottom of my nails, painted the rest black and when I peeled them, the gold came off.

So I decided to change colours and used two coats of Nails Inc in Oxford, and the following evening, I used new stickers and applied two coats of Black Barry M over it.  Application was smooth, and the Nails Inc pastel wasn’t a pain to apply, as most creamy light shades; the second coat provided a good coverage, fit for a full 24-hour solo use! The Barry M was also good,  two coats for perfect, smooth and super shiny jet black.

Now, second tip: because I wasn’t sure I wanted matte effect, I waited a bit to apply the topcoat. The adhesive on the strips was very strong, so fluff from a hand towel kinda stuck to the remainder of glue on my half-moons and it was pretty hard to get rid of. I should’ve put the topcoat immediately after painting. You live, you learn!

For the very first time I also tried Gosh’s Matte effect topcoat.  It creates a great matte effect which I loved; the idea of turning any nail varnish into matte is indeed very appealing, but after a few days of wear and tear it started to look shiny again, so a re-touch is definitely recommended after three or four days to take it back to its matte glory.

I had to put four coats of nail polish plus one topcoat. Add to that a topcoat re-touch, and you have SIX layers altogether – way too much for my liking, looks like I am growing a nail on top of my nail! It lasted surprisingly well, I really though all the layers would compromise durability, but there isn’t a single chip in sight, after four days.

Overall,  I love the half-moons; the pastel blue+black combination is great. I know they are not perfect, but I am pleased as a first attempt. I will definitely venture on to other designs, have already some things in mind, so watch this space!

Have you tried it before? How did you find it?


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Nails of the week – holographic glitter

OPI Save Me - Nicki Minaj, holographic glitter

click to enlarge

This week I am wearing my new acquisition: Save Me, from OPI‘s  Nicki Minaj collection. I was so excited to receive this, I painted my nails on the very same day it arrived –  it looked to stunning in the bottle!

The final result was amazing: the polish has a very saturated silver glitter base, so it’s super sparkling. The holographic strands are beautiful, and as they get distributed unevenly,  it’s pretty much guaranteed that one will be catching the light at some point, so the effect is very noticeable and the colours really varied.  I got countless compliments on it!

I wore a black nail polish from Barry M as base and the application for both was fine. I kind of expected the black to be opaque enough with one coat, but two were necessary. I then applied a coat of Save Me on top of it. I am not going to lie: it was a bit of a pain, not so much while applying, but when cleaning the excesses –  not only was it hard to remove but also the holographic strands tend to poke out of the tip of the nail, and removing them can leave a gap… so I struggled a bit, having to do a *lot* of filing to smooth out the ends, a bit of cutting of stray strands, as they kept catching on everything, even after using a topcoat, my nails were so rough at the end I think I could cut stuff with it… a bit of a pain, really.

Durability is good. As a glitter polish, I am expecting it will be very hard to remove *sight*, but that’s unavoidable! Also, I do still have an issue with the texture of a glitter polish, even with top coat, it is quite rough for my touch; but that’s a totally personal point.

Overall, I am truly in love with this varnish: it is exquisite and nothing like any other holographic or glitter polish I have ever worn before.

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