Get your Shine (Shack) on!


My love of glitter is never ending. From the tiny pots mum started to buy when I was around 8 that doubled up as school crafts and hair adornment for ballet presentations, to the same little pots purchased years later to comply with the 90s “glitter round the eye” trend, my love for it never grew smaller.

If anything, it just grew, may I say, exponentially, in the last years. And I have no shame. Glitter Milanese is the goal (#GlitterMilanese/#MilanesaDeGlitter, you saw here first hahahaha).

So you guys have no idea what meant to me to be invited by the amazing girls at Shine Shack to have a glitter makeover for Lovebox at their beyond fabulous pop up at Missguided Westfield Stratford.

I mean, who am I kidding? I’ll never get over the fact my girl crush and glitter goddess Posie Dwyer actually touched my face and glittered me up <3. I’d been Insta-stalking them for aaaages!

So off I went on my “disco ball day”, with my lovely Carol in tow to get to shine even brighter and spread their sparkle even further on the second day of Lovebox.

I got a proper silver holo that was all sorts of fabulous and Carol an amazing pastel-y gradient. The gem design is customised, as well as the glitter combos and obviously Posie and the Angels listen to what you want and deliver extra.

Basically, it is a happy event altogether: they are happy, it’s a great vibe, there is clearly a huge passion behind the brand and work that is done and you can definitely feel that. Plus, glitter IS life so…

Here’s a ridiculously excited story I posted on Insta still at Missguided after being Shine Shacked:

You can have from a simple bio glitter huge sprinkle on the parting of your hair (£3) to lovely braiding (£15, various styles, add rings for an extra £5), as well as glitter on one side of the face, gems, or the full works: glitter on both side of the face, chest plus gems on both (from £7 to £30). Take a look at their divine shimmery menu below.

I mean, I did some glitter on my face on Friday but this was EXTRA. Another level, I cannot recommend enough.

Shine Shack is at Missguided Westfield Stratford (on the right as you come in) on Fridays and Saturdays 10-5pm and Sundays 12-6pm all summer . You can pay at the till for your makeover.

Apart from having it applied professionally and lovingly by the Angles, you can also buy their sparkly range of glitter (from £5.50 – £16.50), accessories (from 2.50) and the brand new mix and match gems (£8) if you fancy DIYing on the Shine Shack website and at Missguided.

Plus, you can catch them at festivals this summer and they are available for private booking – parties and functions: just get in touch and they will have a package to suit you

On top of it all, crushes and love of glitter aside (which might make me biased as I barely managed to remove it all from my face and body as I wrote this), it is amazing to see young, talented women working hard doing what they love,  succeeding and spreading happiness in the process. It is inspiring and empowering and I am a fan, unashamedly.

You might as well just go and follow them on Instagram @shineshack: it will add that extra glam sparkle to your feed!

written by Dani

Yes, I was invited and was lucky to be offered the glitter makover for myself and Carol. But I love the guys and would recommend 10 times over. 


Stepping into another era in Camden, with Collectif Vintage Clothing

100 dresses. No, it is not number I go through every morning before deciding what to wear, silly. It is the number of Collectif dresses donned by lovely ladies at the Collectif Big Camden Party, which lived up to its “night of style, sass and swing” tagline wonderfully.

Choosing from seven beautiful Collectif vintage inspired dresses, we were treated to a fabulous retro hair do as well as a few glasses of prosecco and an unlimited amount of fun at the Collectif shop at Stables Market, in the heart of Camden Town.

I am a huge vintage inspired clothing fan. I don’t make it a lifestyle and don’t really stick to an era, but I pepper it around my own style; and the 50s are by far favourite time.

I love pencil skirts, cinched waists and I think that’s the best shape for my body; I feel comfortable and of course, pretty!

After squeezing myself into the gorgeous Yvonne Hanna Check Trim pencil dress and with my head suitably adorned with Victory rolls (by Lucy’s Vintage Hair) we moved on to Solomon’s Yard for the party.

And what a party it was. We were promised live bands, DJs, burlesque, magic, hoola hooping and Unicorns (yes, UNICORNS) ad boy, did they deliver that and more.

Welcomed by a vintage car and motorbikes, the stage was always filled with the most amazing acts: the Victory Sisters, an impeccable wartime vocal trio wearing pretty Collectif Maria Woodland Bloom Swing dresses.

There was beyond sassy burlesque from stunners The Folly Mixtures, with two cute and sexy acts, music spanning the eras between performances, courtesy of DJ Gem Precious and Diana Thompson.

Fabulous in orange drag queen Meth killed the comedy lip-syncing and got us all singing and laughing, and I even got some bonus spanking from the hilarious Levitating Elvis, with his boxing glove hair, an act so weird that is wonderful.

I do have to single out the not only gorgeous but super talented The Tootsie Rollers.

All five of them wore sultry siren Ingrid Fishtail evening dresses and left me smiling throughout the whole performance of pop sons with a swing twist. Extraordinary.

Finally, the unicorns. They came all the way from The Fabulus of Unicorns, a group of horn wearing, glitter-spreading people whose sole purpose is to disseminate love and happiness among humans. I mean, I just felt so happy around them that it’s not even funny.

I was of course, “kissed” by a unicorn and can still find glitter all over my house.

And there was dancing. Laughing. Such a fabulous atmosphere, fantastic happy people, all supporting a great brand with glamour that keeps giving.

My dress (and all the others I tried – sorry guys, you were fabulous and so kind trying to accommodate me) has an excellent finish and detailing, amazing cut, fits well and made me feel a million dollars.

All their clothes are amazing, the designs are obviously, vintage inspired, but very wearable. I have my eyes on a few little numbers, I tell you!

You can browse the beautiful Collectif Vintage Clothing collection on their website, I highly recommend it.


Nails of the week – silver glitter, black and nail sticker

silver nails with black tips and nail tattoos

click to enlarge

I am in love with this week’s manicure! Glitter is one of my guilty pleasures – I love sparkly things, especially on my nails, even though it is a major pain to get it off.

This week, I am wearing Barry M in Silver multi-glitter, a fine, silver based glitter with lots of other colours – red, blue, pink, a bit of gold. Really really pretty. Actually, Barry M’s glitter polishes are really amazing, at a great value! This particular one is very saturated, two coats were enough to achieve a good coverage. I ended up using three, but could’ve done with only two.

With Barry M in plain black, a staple in my mani box, I created the diagonal tip, using  normal sticky tape.

To finish it off and give it that extra cuteness, I added a SkinArt UK’s bow nail tattoo on each of my ring finger nails to create an accent nail. The tattoos come in a pack of 60 individual stickers with varied designs – bows, stars, hearts, birds, crosses, anchors – all very pretty and you shall be seeing more of it very soon! I found application easy enough; it is quite delicate, as it is a small sticker, but I applied quickly without a problem, with the aid of tweezers. A good topcoat (I use Seche Vite) is a must after you apply the sticker, and also to smooth the diagonal french tip.

Durability was great, full week with no chips, sticker in place! But above all, how pretty is that?


Nails of the week: purple with glitter flakes

Click to enlarge

Another thing I cannot have enough of is glitter flakes topcoats. They have this power of making any nail polish amazing. adding an extra dimension to any colour.

It is no secret I am a huge fan of duochromes and colour changing polishes in general, so no surprise I fell head over heels for the amazing flakies from Brazilian brand Specialittá.

I really like them, they do really different colours and effects lines. I placed an order online and got a friend to bring it over to London for me… I must have bought a good 10 bottles, so watch this space!!!

This week, I am wearing Collection 2000 Purple rain with Specialittá Hits Fox Trot over it. Fox Trot is part of their Mundo de Danças (World of Dances) collection which has lots of glitter flakes polishes.  This one has a jelly-ish purple/mauve base and is laden with pretty flakes, which change colour from pink, reds and golds to pale green. The colours are quite subtle but really pretty, and the change can be seen on many different types of light! Gorgeous!

Application was smooth,I used two coats of each polish (as I like plenty of flakes!!!) plus the topcoat, and durability is fantastic.

Pretty overall; very happy with it!

Other polishes from the collection will be coming soon; I bought three from their 12!

Any amazing flakies out there for me to go crazy about? Would love to expand my collection!


Nails of the week – red glitter

How much do I love this mani? I describe it as Dorothy’s ruby slippers for your nails. Seriously. So sparkly, a real jewel!

I had this week’s mani all figured out, but had this urge to paint them my old time favourite red. But an ordinary red wouldn’t do, so as if by fate, I stumbled upon this gem at Topshop: Barry M glitter polish in red.

The coverage is amazing, this polish is laden with glitter. I put on a coat of Colorama’s 40 Graus underneath, and one coat of the glitter would be enough, but I settled for two. What a beauty it became.

For being glitter, the durability wasn’t amazing; a couple chips appeared a good five days after application. But nothing too bad.

Overall, I was delighted with this one.


Nails of the week: blue and glitter

This week I was going to do a French and half moon manicure using two shades of blue but it didn’t turn out nice. At all. So I removed it all. Decided to stick to the blues but only in alternate colours, with a glitter topcoat – a recurring combo for this blog!

The light blue is no stranger to us; I wore Nails Inc. Oxford in several occasions, but never in more than one nail on each hand. The darker blue is Electric Blue 336 from Kiko; application was smooth, the colour is quit solid and it applies evenly.

I used two coats for both polishes. The topcoat is a pretty transparent base with some holographic coarse glitter and hexagons, that seemed to give the polish a “wet” look. The polish was easy to apply, it has a good amount of glitter in, but as I like a lot of glitter, I had to dip and stir the brush to make sure I picked up a good amount.

I liked the effect; it was very pretty in light, but with direct bright light, it looked a bit weird; it didn’t have colour and on the lighter shade of blue, it seemed something like yellow-ish glue residue (hence the out-of-focus pics, where you can actually see how it looks like). Durability was top; it was still looking great after seven days! But overall, for me, it just lacked oomph.


Nails of the week – cold tones and silver glitter

A pretty pale mint green dress with silver sequins from Lipsy was my choice to attend a wedding, and I thought I would give myself a manicure to match.

I first thought of contrast, but then decided to go with several cold colours and a sprinkle of glitter to glam it up!

Most of the nail polishes I used are from Nails Inc;  the lilac (Cambridge), the blue (Oxford) and the lime (Wimbledon). The green is Anna Hickmann in Vibe and the pale mint green (which is a perfect match for my dress) is H&M in Pear  Ice cream.

Have to say that for being creamy colours, all of them were easy to apply and two coats were enough for the a solid finish. I had tried the blue and both greens before, and they didn’t disappoint. The lilac one bubbled a bit, that was annoying; but as it was in the corner of the nail, it didn’t bother me as much as it would normally.

The lime colour is stunning; I must wear it again soon,alone, need to come up with something interesting to use in more extensively!

Then I applied the glitter puff – I am in love with them! This time I used the silver again, but not on the tips but near the cuticles, as I used the gold a couple of weeks back. I am having to hold myself now to buy a bigger set from eBay, damn, they can glam up any manicure!


Nails of the week – red and gold glitter

I don’t need to go on about how much I love red nails. Think I’ve done that enough in the past, so I won’t bore you with that.

I used Colorama 40 graus – this polish is actually one of my favourites and if you have been to my blog before, you probably came across it somehow. It is a very bright red, intense, very shiny and leaning towards orange.

Jubilee nails were my intention, but, somehow, I couldn’t be bothered to paint Union Jacks and wasn’t feeling the blue (I know, very lame), so I went for red with gold.  I used the Andrea Fullerton’s Georgia Glitter Duo, and was very pleased with the result. I applied the glitter near the cuticle to still wet nails, and moved my finger downwards, with a gentle shaking motion, so it would fall towards the tips, I also had to very delicately spread a bit with the tip of my finger to get a more symmetrical effect.

Durability was good. The Colorama polish lasts really well, and the glitter at the bottom, instead of the tip kept really well for the six days I wore it.

This time was much easier to use the glitter puff  than the first time I did. The mess was the same, though. Have to admit it is well worth it; I just love the look.


Eye make-up look challenge – black glitter

This is bold! And sparkly…

So, knowing me, you would probably believe I love it and think it is perfect for me, right? Nah-ah.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look, but I don’t think it is the best for my eye shape when looking at both eyes open, from the front; I played with it for a long time, made it thicker, thinner, higher, lower….and still didn’t quite look right, and I wasn’t going to post, but looking at the single eye pictures I thought that it was quite pretty.

It was very simple to put together, the problem was the mess – even though I was wearing the base plus glitter combo, it went everywhere… when I looked to the light, I could barely see, only sparkly reflections, which is pretty, but not very practical.

I first applied a primer and drew the desired shape faintly with a black eyeliner. I  smeared a part of the shape with the base then applied the glitter with the wand, and did bit by bit until the whole shape was filled. If you have the glitter, you can use an old brush and eyelash glue to replicate this look. The mess will certainly be the same!

After that, I cleaned the area around my eye, with a cotton bud infused in eye make up remover. I use this to define the shape in the corner of the eye too, in any smoke, if you want it clean-cut.

Finally, I applied a light metallic eyeshadow and pigment to the brow bone to the beginning of the glittery shape. I was going to apply a set of lashes, but I tried and it was a bit too much, so I removed it!

It is sexy and striking (trust me, two qualities I love), but didn’t quite go my way and I will put this one down to experience!

Products I used:

  • Collection 2000 Glam glitter in black
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla
  • Sephora cream eyeshadow from palette
  • MAC eye kohl in smoulder
  • MAC brushes 239 and 208
  • Elf eyelid primer
  • Smashbox photo-op under eye brightener

Level of difficulty:

I am just giving two wands because of the mess! Blimey! To remove, it was even worse!

Nails of the week -blue and glitter tips

Here I come with another experimental nail creation…

I had spotted Andrea Fullerton’s Georgia Glitter Duo, a pretty set with two glitter puff dusts and a topcoat, a while back but for some reason, forgot about it. What I really liked was the holographic sheen on the gold and silver glitters that came in the set.

So we met again, and I decided to take it, at £6.99 from Superdrug. I had been dying to try this new Ana Hickmann blue nail polish, Rock, which I bought recently, and thought the blue glitter, fading from the tip to the middle of the nail would look fab.

And it does – like a mini winter wonderland! Application of the polish was good, it is quite sheer, more than I expected, but it is good enough on two coats.

The puffs are easy enough to use, although I think I need a small brush to even it out a bit; I did it with my fingers, and was very worried about ruining the polish. Obviously, they are not all the same, and that bothers me a bit, but I am sure that I will improve with practice.

Durability was kind of alright; the glitter rubbed off from my thumb, indicator and middle finger; but I gave it a re-touch five days after doing the manicure, so not too bad.  have to say it wasn’t very easy to remove, as expected from glitter! Still, I cannot wait to use the gold one!

You can get a set with five glitter puffs,in varied colours from eBay too, for only £5.