Colourful and confident at Goodwood

dove-invisible-dry - 4It is no secret I love bright colours. Although, like most of us, I fall back into black most of the time, I usually feel very comfortable being colourful.

60% of British women feel happier when wearing colour, but 79% are not confident enough to actually don the brights.

I can say I notice that quite a lot, especially when I wear brights; I always get comments such as “so summery”, “so bright”, “how colourful”, that carry in that tone that they do like it, but feel I am brave for wearing it.

Dove started, a while ago, a campaign to boost colour confidence, with the help of Invisible Dry deodorant, which won’t stain your blacks and other 99 colours!


And because it is one of my favourites, of course I’ve been using it for a while: you can read my full review here.

You can rest assured you are protected, your armpits are kept soft and you won’t have marks on your favourite colourful attire.

Dove Dress of 100 Colours Revealed at Goodwood Ladies' Day

Dove Dress of 100 Colours Revealed at Goodwood Ladies’ Day

This summer, Dove got together with Gok Wan, who is a fabulous advocate for body confidence, to create a bespoke dress featuring 100 colours, to inspire women to be more colour -confident.

The dress was revelead at the Goodwood races, and I was there displaying all my colour confidence and looking for inspired looks.

We stayed at box number 1 with fabulous views of the races and I might even have made some money!

Colour confidence expert Annie Ashdown gives us some tips, if you are still a bit shy about embracing colour in your life:

  • replace your socks for a colourful pair. I am into pop socks at the moment, and they makey it really easy to add a touch of colour.
  • wear turquoise – it’s the confidence colour!
  • magenta is powerful – the perfect choice for that business meeting!
  • gold says you have high standards; it’s high time you donned those skinny golden heels.

Dove Invisible Dry is available from retailers nationwide and costs £2.39 (50ml roll-on), £32.79 (compressed 75ml) and £3.79 (compressed 125ml).


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Colour me pretty, with Dove

littlebookfashion_colour_dove (23 of 30)

I often say that I dream in colour and I believe that in life, vibrancy you can see is halfway to creating the spark within.

That’s why I am bringing this Little Book of Fashion in collaboration with Dove. The brief? Colour confidence.

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Nails of the week: green, yellow and blue (World Cup II)

brazil flag nails - somanylovelythings

So I am keeping my Brazil themed nails for the World Cup. This time, I went classic, with the Brazil flag. I used the flag just on my ring finger, as an accent.

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Nails of the week: warm colour gradient

Yes, I am still obsessed by gradients. I just love them. So, I gave myself another one: a lovely yellow, orange and red, to go with my tropical mood, as I am on holidays in Brazil (hence the lack of posts).


I used the H&M bright yellow summer sunrise, Impala’s orange aleixo and one of my fave reds ever, Colorama’s 40 graus. I used the sponging technique and applied the gorgeous Nails Inc electric lane topcoat. Ended up with a good seven layers and a lovely heart nail tattoo on my ring finger, from SkinArt UK to finish off the design!

It lasted very well – eight days including pool days!

This mani lifted my spirits, it is cheerful and looks forward to the summer!




Nails of the week – multicolour gold/green/blue

This week I am wearing a nail polish I had been looking forward to trying on, as the colour is so vivid: Trendy, another Specialittá polish from the Marinoon Multigirl collection.

Now, one of the colours on this duochrome is definitely gold. The green part gets a bit complicated – I really loved the spectrum of colours on this: from the bright gold yellow, it changes to a subtle apple green, ending on a blue-ish, grey-ish green, with more or less variations depending on the lighting. Truly amazing colour! It is very shiny, the gold very yellow and intense.

The not so good bit is that application wasn’t that straight forward; although I just needed 2 coats (differently from the previous one from this range I tried, which was quite thin), I can still see the brush strokes marks, no matter how careful I was. Although to the untrained eye on a daily basis this is not noticeable, you can still notice in my pictures. This upsets me, I like my polish smooth and shiny, so a big let down. Drying time was slightly above standard but durability is very good!

Overall, love the colour, but a bit of trouble for what it is worth. The brush stroke marks are really bothering me, but a nice choice anyway.

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First pastel of the season


Well, it looks like I won’t be able to run away from the pretty pastels – not that I don’t love them, but they were super in around 2001, and I had so many that I didn’t think I would bring myself to ever wearing it again. Plus, they are really unforgiving colours, revealing every body imperfection!!!

However, with the imminent pastels overload for spring, I have already given in and purchased an item I fell completely in love with (damn you newsletters!) – the stunning Esme shoes from Kurt Geiger. In one had, you have the delicate pastels, but on the other you have the spikes, which really give them an edge.

Now, you may remember I fell in love with a glittery KG not too long ago, but this one was stronger than me, when I slipped my foot in, I knew I had to bring them home. So I used the Elle KG voucher to take £25 off my guilty conscience and voilá!

Don’t you just love them? What about you? Have you bought any pastels yet or you are not succumbing the the paler palette this season?

Eye contact

I love experimenting with eye make up.  Sometimes I come across something nice online/in a magazine during the day and when I get home I like to re-create the look.

Smoky crease?! Yes please!

The six degrees of separation rule is a funny thing: the brother of an acquaintance I am friends with on Facebook is  engaged to one of the bloggers of a site called TwoDots, which is actually quite a nice make up tutorial, “today I’m wearing”, tendencies kinda blog, and he posts their new entries quite often, and I, from time to time, peek into it to see what the girls are up to.

That inspired me to try a different approach to smoky eyes:  a line just on your crease that gets smoked upwards, while the rest of the eye is quite simply done, although I went for very shimmery shadows – and I like it, in a weird way!

Summer in your eyes!

The other one was a super summery tricolour make up, with oranges, bright pink and yellow,  with subtle brown eye liner, super simple and quick – with great impact.

It’s good sometimes to get out of the ordinary day to day make up – I do miss bold eyes, as I have been back on the bright lipstick wagon – might give it a go next time I go out!, for old times’ sake!